Poem: Ocular

Golden light behind eyes

seeking spiritual specks in moments

The flickering passage of brilliant scenes

floating by the blinking window

Catching paintings passing by

and piles them in corners

stacked for recall

where memories reside

They mix so thickly

in the depth of night

with seeping dreams

And as the bright of morn

lays across the open orb

together now they’re



Poem: My Dream


In the great beyond

Just out of reach in recesses of the mind

Looking out through veined windows

Into tomorrows that may never come

My life plays out inside a dream

Of endless love circling round my human form

And waking days

Where the paths are pristine and unhindered

Like an undiscovered trail deep within an ancient forest

The dream behind the conscious course

Is weightless, like a meteor floating in space

No gravitational pull

To drag it down

Nor obligations and regrets to break apart

Rather it’s made of light and color

Spinning from within the center

Gathering bits and pieces of time and universes

Drawing into the center of energy

Gaining force

Making the dream bigger

So that one day

I may wake


Note: In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.