Tuckered Out

Started the packing in earnest today. We’re pooped from it, as well as being up much of the night sick. Mostly pup, although I wasn’t feeling too hot either. Rice diet for us both and early to bed, even after our nap!

Starting to get excited. 


Big One AheadĀ 

Getting ready to chill for the weekend. How about you?

We’re happy it’s here in this house because it means some cool things are going down and we get to be together more.

But for now we’re gonna hit the sack because we have a very busy day ahead. Well, Mommy does anyway so some of us are resting up for her!

Good night. 

Left Behind


Welcome to another weekend. We’re all worn out from work and this very sad week. Humans are so strange. We don’t understand why they hurt each other so much. My sisters and I aren’t from the same species, but I love them  and would never hurt the fur balls.


Sometimes my two sisters are kind of a pain and try to eat my food. Or they may get annoyed with each other, but when Mom is away at work, we make up and keep each other company. We know she comes home tired and sad from all the bad stuff the her species do to each other. At times I hear her cry and it makes me sad too.


If I can’t make her feel better, then I just get sad. I don’t want the world to be a bad place anymore. Because if anything ever happened to my Mom, I’m not sure what would happen to us…..

Is It OK To Dream?

In the middle of a three day weekend. Lately I’ve been having trouble staying in my ‘now’. I’ve been drifting off into yesterday and tomorrow a lot and I know that’s not good. Sigh.

I’m perfectly aware why it’s happening–it’s the reasons within the now that make me think about different times, both past and future. And it’s also my personality: when it comes to the past, it’s me trying to reconcile the imperfections; with the future, the dreamer pops out.


But where does that leave me now? It’s never good to waste away one’s time not being in the moment. Yes, yes–I know. When I catch myself floating off into another time/space dimension, I do my best to pull myself back to reality and notice the beauty around me. We can always find something good, something compelling if we dig really deep–it just, at times, that the digging must go really far.


So that’s when my time, my rare and precious spare time, can get spent dreaming, searching, thinking and meditating about different points on my life line, .

Then, I ask myself: is time linear? If not, then maybe it’s OK to dream.



Before me I stand on the brink of a three day weekend. Ahhhh. Today a lovely co-worker said some kind and thoughtful words to me–unusual in that cold and harsh world. Most days the words are indifferent at best and rude at worst. But a small miracle happened today and someone showed kindness.

I already went out tonight to eat with Mom and her friend. For some reason I can’t seem to slim down the way I had hoped here in the warm weather. My old bones and busy days seem to keep my athletics low key, therefore the pounds on. Dinner out doesn’t help. But it was a nice visit.


Tomorrow, if I get the nerve, I may visit a Buddhist monastery/teaching center. It’s an open house so a good day to go. I need to see what it’s all about and find some different folks.

Then who knows….anything may happen. Or not.

On a strange note: my oldest told me that an ex-boyfriend of hers has been taken into custody for murder. Quite disturbing and creepy, but honestly not surprising. We all knew him at a challenging time in her life and found him to be a very troubled young man. Family issues and other grave problems have most likely landed him in this place.

That was a time when I kept him close to me so I would have my daughter close, while knowing it was like feeding a wild lion. But I felt I had no choice at the time–do that, or lose my kid. I gambled. Luckily I won, but I see now by this news how close I came to losing.




It’s just the beginning. Looking through the sweet opening of the weekend. Longing for rest and battling germs.


The gang just wandering around while I take a load off. Ahhhh!


Hopefully it’ll be a lovely weekend filled with walks and sunshine. Today was constructive and my co-worker was positive about my attempt to reach out. This was a gift.


So this weekend I can relax and stop to smell the flowers.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Yeah….I know Mommy needs me this weekend. She had a very stressful week at work. Thank goodness I’m so cute.


I’ll snuggle with her and show her how to rest and unwind. I can’t really talk with her with words, but we communicate in other ways.


She knows how much I love her and she loves me right back. This makes the world feel right even when things get tough.

At least we have each other.