Poem: Shooting Star

Star shoot beautiful night

Brilliant sky hearts flight

Across the world

Dreams are curled

In lovers beds

With separate dreads

But with the arc

Of light embark

Connect their souls

And fills deep holes

So no matter where

The dark may stare

Magic comes and opens doors

Makes things fly and soar

And when the end is near

I will want you here

To see the star

So far

So far


Poem: Patiently

I walk in power

my heels lit on fire

and silver curls sparkling

reflecting the full moon

in the eclipse of staring eyes

Quietly I cast my soulful spell

stirred in mystic hope

Desire floats and flits

and brushes up against the unsuspecting

who turn with sugared words

their hands moving sweetly so near

through fairy glamour

Yet this is not the happy ending

for magic knows its course

It will fly for eons hungry

seeking out the perfect story

Until that time comes present

I watch the starry night

with moon beam brilliance

and comet tail flight

for my magic to come home

So when it does

I shall be here

waiting patiently



Too Close

Sometimes there are moments in life where if we stand too close to something they become distorted and ugly. The looking at them make them turn into something we do not recognize, maybe something that was once familiar to us. It’s like approaching a glittering thing and realizing it is the eye of the venomous spider lying in wait–that eye’s reflection meant to draw you in to its unexpected web.



These moments can change us, make us too into something different from who we were or wanted to be. Maybe they frightened us or saddened us when we discovered that the treasure or beauty we saw from a distance was instead only a drab landscape when standing on the edge of its topography. Then the widening sink-holes appear or the quick sand to gobble you beneath hungry earth.


From afar it’s hard to judge. But close up every blemish, hair follicle and true bit of ones convoluted character rears its ugly head when two circle one another like ritualistic beasts. It’s easy in the wide open prairie or dense forests to ‘know’ your fellow wanderer as they slip in and out behind branch and stone or up and down sandy dunes. It’s when caught in the close confines of a culvert and trapped unable to leave that one learns that friend may become foe.


Blurring ones eyes and keeping the world as an impressionist painting may be the easy way out. Taking the risk and standing face to face with another or hiking far enough into the horizon to break down beauty into minutiae may hold no gifts in the end.


Or, if by luck, the one looking back holds your soul–or the minutiae hides a gem, then maybe it was worth the risk.




Lately I’ve been trying to perform a little experiment to try to get some interesting photos. Normally, on my walk every morning, I see a trove of squirrels dancing and playing about, often running in my path. Following the lead of some fellow walkers, I’ve been carrying peanuts to lure them into some new and interesting antics, hopefully to catch with my lens.

But alas, it seems as soon as I have this great idea, they all remain in the trees, chittering and scolding me, refusing to come down, or I see none at all for days in a row.  As in life, it seems the more we want something, the less likely to have it as circumstance puts up walls to block our way.



I’m transported back to my dating days, hot on the trail for love and the perfect soul-mate. Willing, at times,  to do just about anything to grab this ghostly image that seemed to have drifted in and out of my life. I would create a new me, better and more full of light–and post it out there time and time again for the world to see.

But sometimes fate has it, that an open hand may only let things fall through, much like grasping at water and trying to hold on to it. And yet, there are those that instead ride on a plane and find a 30 year marriage with the person seated next to them without looking at all. It’s purely destiny one might say.


Tomorrow I walk into another job interview. It was my hand that typed on the computer and entered the application and that will shake the hand of the HR person. That grasping hand. But it will be kismet too that brings others to the pool of applicants to be interviewed.

This does not mean we do not try to change fate the best we can. Wearing my best smile and carrying with me confidence, I will try to bend the corners of circumstance so that only I am left in the room.

And I left a peanut for that sassy squirrel, so the next time he sees the crazy lady shaking the bag, maybe fate will give me my photo when I see him again.


Dream reality

It’s amazing how a dream can feel so real. Not just the characters or the visuals, but the FEELINGS! My daughter and I watched a movie last night. It was about someone finding (or trying) to find their soul-mate. And I’ve been contemplating this issue, well, for years. So as I was laying in bed I revisited this familiar theme in my life. Does everyone have a soul-mate? How do you know when you meet them? Do I have one and will I ever meet this person? Do I want a soul-mate? Maybe these are questions most people ask, but being single for as long as I have been, it’s something that comes up in my head fairly often.

Somewhere in my night travels I had this dream. It was only a short snippet, but I was laying in bed with a man. He had no face, but in my mind he was my last ex-husband. I knew his chest. We were just holding each other…or rather he was holding me and I was tucked into his arm. We were simply talking. But the feeling I had was so peaceful, so very content. Complete. It was very lovely. It was a feeling I would love to feel. I think maybe, even after three marriages and multiple relationships, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt before.

There was some other dream too actually. I was getting into bed with a woman, but this dream was awkward. All my dogs were there as well as other dogs. There were two other beds in the room filled with other people. One bed was occupied by someone who was angry that we were talking. That dream was strange and unsettling. The dogs were fighting over food.

No the first dream was something I would love to see turn into reality. The question is how? The movies always make soul-mates magically appear. They seem to just arrive at some cafe or unexpectedly in your life even though you’ve walked the same path for years. It seems unlikely. And I don’t have much option for changing things much. So I guess I must wait for the celestial event to drop this person from nowhere into my lap. And until then I can hope for more of those sweet night visits from those unknown lovers. And there  I will feel the caresses of my soul-mate and the sense of contentment his being near makes me feel.