Poem: Chime

They blow through me

windy words sweep miles 

past desert shapes

caught in wisps of willows 

and carried on wings of butterflies 

Gusting din

heard as flying bells 

traveler to my inner 

outer space 

where not a breeze blows


for my song

as it drifts through air

displacing wave 

putting pressure on you

to hear

Poem: One Day

Sing on the top of your lungs 

Who cares if the words you say 

Don’t fit into the rhythm 

Of surrounding strangers

Their minds may be in the mire

The immediate muck of life

Swirling around them 

No one really cares 

about your song

Not in the end

So sing!

Don’t let them clip you 

Just go ahead 

And give it everything 

Because one day

They will understand