Poem: Momentarily

Wind touches my face

Sun gently pushes my back

Sadness seeps away


Note: To rid ourselves of today’s sadness we must seek a moment here and there: in nature, with family and friends, with animals, within transcendence, inside ourselves, creating, in silence…however. Blessed be.


Little Thoughts


When thoughts start to clutter my mind now, especially ones that take me away from the present, this is my new mantra:

I am here now; I am alive; I am healthy; I am grateful.


“Extended bliss is boredom of the existential kind.” from the book NutShell  By Ian McEwan.

Never There

Speeding through life

splitting each moment in two

each one so small it is almost


Left all in our wake

pushed behind us as though it was

never there

We can’t turn around

to notice if something is


a tiny bit caught

in the dragging net

carried by our sinking time


pressing forward

hurdling harder than the wind can push

But before we bow out


it will stop

if even for a moment

the anchor drops

and silence