Poem: Convergence

We meet upon the rubbled path

as comrades often do

weary travelers in a lonely place

not by chance the journey crossed

By the crackling fire

shared stories told resting long and slow

of future climbs and mountains high

and moonlit rivers flowing near

Our hearts have been separate

but souls have been in sync

recognizing kindred spirits

and distant hopeful dreams

With these bonding moments

promises are cast

someday in a future life

the trail may yet converge

A single road then

we shall walk

together side by side

To create a burning reality

from a bridge of given thoughts

that passed between

us two






Poem/Song: Tango River

bridge 1

We danced a tango river

where winding waters flowed

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


Back when summer moons were fuller

as we floated through the night

Rocking closely to the rhythm

gazing star eyed at the light


We danced a tango river

where winding waters flow

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


You rocked me in a cradle

of gently loving arms

And you held me like forever

So I never came to harm


We danced a tango river

where winding waters flow

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


So my sweet partner

it’s with you I want to dance

Let’s drift away together

and take the rivers chance


We danced a tango river

where winding waters flow

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


Note: I picture this as a song somehow, but unfortunately, I can’t write music. The first line came to me in the middle of the night as my writing often does… I wish I could put it to music somehow….

Poem: Stillness


In stillness

times when I sat

hushed under ancient pines

back brushed up against wizened skin


yet safe

cradled silently

beneath an immobile mammoth


In stillness

near a whispering brook

whose words spoke sense

when nothing else could

they drifted past

in bubbles of music

floating by

in ripples of spray

to be caught in moments

of calm


And in stillness

sitting upon the hill

with warmth from above

creatures close by

and sharing the peace

near by voices are small

and my belly is round

while the world is spinning beyond

In stillness

In stillness

It lies




Sailing Ahead

For more years than I can remember I have been a single woman. It was by choice and something I needed to do to sort my head, my soul and myself out. Much of my life before these years had been rafting through relationships, on a craft that was unsteady and often leaky. I tried to navigate this flimsy raft through oceans far too rough and rivers overflowing their riverbeds. It often left me on some shore half drowned. And of course any passenger unlucky enough to be my mate, usually was left drenched and overwhelmed by the tsunami that was left in my wake.

But somehow, it seems now I’ve paddled out of the storm, onto a lake of glass. It is smooth and my sense of direction seems clear. I am ready to sail again.


It is so difficult in our times to find the right sailing partner to journey into the unknown. Even once we’ve learned to love ourselves and to steer our lives, finding someone who can meld their course with ours, seems like finding a lost ship under the ocean. It’s there somewhere, but the vastness makes the likelihood seem so impossible.


So unlikely that it seems that magic must be involved (as I refuse to do the internet thing). Today I picked one Tarot card to see if a partner would be in my future one day again. And lo, I got my favorite one: the 10 of Cups. Just seeing it you can almost guess that it is positive! Depending on where you look, it has different meanings, but I got it right side up and my book said simply: Contentment, lasting happiness because it is inspired from above rather than being the sensual satisfaction. Perfection of human love. Great friendship. Lasting success. Peacemaking.

So, I guess I will take that to be a yes and hopefully my ship will eventually float into the sunset. And maybe I will eventually pick someone up along the way to sail with me.


Golden Path


We enter into this lifetime but once
Some days are challenging


Feeling pulling into the center of a maelstrom
Sucked towards a hole


Or unable to reach high enough
To obtain our highest dreams


With monsters lurking hidden
In places we haunt all the time


Our life can feel in shambles
Toppled and crashing around us


Just dig deep
Even with storms raging
And maybe you’ll find somewhere
There’s still
A golden path

Nature Speak


It was a morning where nature seemed to be speaking to me. Giving me signs in its subtle and beautiful way to read life through the eyes of the natural world around me.


Even though I awoke kind of down, I saw things to lift my spirit –telling me to always look up and try to keep my soul flying despite those that may try to pull it to the ground.


It said never stop believing in myself or my song. And to sing it loudly, with my own voice and wherever I land.


To climb to the highest places I can imagine and not let barriers stop me no matter how daunting they may appear.


And that sometimes beauty is in the same place you walk by every day. Suddenly it appears bursting forth after being hidden. You may have to kneel down and look hard for it –but we can usually find it if we are determined it’s there.


That it’s OK to sing many songs and make them one. To incorporate the melodies of others to weave my own hymn to be sung proudly from the highest branch.


There can be light through the heavy limbs of darkness if only we look. Use the darkness to help the light illuminate more fully.


If you’re facing a storm at least keep your back to the sun.


When walking on that high wire, never go it alone. Try to bring a friend along with you to help you balance and keep steady.


And remember to slow down. Stop and see the world around us, hear its music and revel in its magnificence. For all earth’s creatures and plants have much to say, we just need to listen.


This perfect poem was in my email today. He said it way better than I ever could dream of doing it.

The River Note

And I behold once more
My old familiar haunts; here the blue river,
The same blue wonder that my infant eye
Admired, sage doubting whence the traveller came,–
Whence brought his sunny bubbles ere he washed
The fragrant flag-roots in my father’s fields,
And where thereafter in the world he went.
Look, here he is, unaltered, save that now
He hath broke his banks and flooded all the vales
With his redundant waves.
Here is the rock where, yet a simple child,
I caught with bended pin my earliest fish,
Much triumphing,–and these the fields
Over whose flowers I chased the butterfly,
A blooming hunter of a fairy fine.
And hark! where overhead the ancient crows
Hold their sour conversation in the sky:–
These are the same, but I am not the same,
But wiser than I was, and wise enough
Not to regret the changes, tho’ they cost
Me many a sigh. Oh, call not Nature dumb;
These trees and stones are audible to me,
These idle flowers, that tremble in the wind,
I understand their faery syllables,
And all their sad significance. The wind,
That rustles down the well-known forest road–
It hath a sound more eloquent than speech.
The stream, the trees, the grass, the sighing wind,
All of them utter sounds of ‘monishment
And grave parental love.
They are not of our race, they seem to say,
And yet have knowledge of our moral race,
And somewhat of majestic sympathy,
Something of pity for the puny clay,
That holds and boasts the immeasurable mind.
I feel as I were welcome to these trees
After long months of weary wandering,
Acknowledged by their hospitable boughs;
They know me as their son, for side by side,
They were coeval with my ancestors,
Adorned with them my country’s primitive times,
And soon may give my dust their funeral shade.

June, 1827

Poem: The Other Side


Looking out a familiar window

Trillions of microbes crashing inside creating me

The angry wind pushing me forward

To unknown territory hardened with hope


Leaping above rooftops rays of Goddesses spill crowns

Piercing my retinas

I stand gazing to tomorrow

Puzzled as shapes shift by


Will it be?

Dark ominous shapes looming over my sense of yes

Spindly claws reach out to snatch the dream

And carry it off into the night


But the light, the light

Pours down in muffled rivers

A giant crack in the Universe

Drawing me in

And in

To the blinding, brilliant other side