Shooting Star

shooting starI saw a shooting star tonight while I was driving home. It took up one-quarter of the night sky and was very clear and bright. Haven’t seen one in a very long time–at least not by itself and not part of a meteor shower. I’m choosing to take it as a sign. A sign for good things to come! It happened while I was thinking about a plan for the new year. One I had contemplated after my accident but seemed too daunting to tackle. I’m seriously revisiting it now. And will put into motion steps to start to research if it is feasible, possible, workable and would be something that will bring me my one New Year’s resolution: happiness. Sometimes just to act of thinking about a new possibility is enough to bring joy. So this is a good thing already. But my biggest issue always seems to be that once I decide to do something is to have the patience to get through the process! This would be pretty monumental so patience would be necessary. And it would be something that I would have to handle in baby steps so I am not overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. A whole new adventure…. When the star soared through the sky I made my wish! ┬áIt was such an amazing meteor, so I’m pretty darn sure it will! Here’s hoping you all get your wishes for 2013 too.