Poem: Extinction 

The monster is here

In plain sight 

Silently slipping closer 

I watch with thudding fear

That malevolent eye staring at me

What have I done 

To bring this beast 

Baring down upon me?

My casual negligence 

Never facing the filth where it dwells

So now it can rise up

Take its breath 

And suck the souls 

In its wake

I may run

But it chases 

For it is an age old dance 

That one must lose 

Slyly moving 

There is no place to hide

It can wait forever 

So long it seems to disappear 

But this is the trap

Complacency created 

While hunger lurks close by 

Hunger drives the hunter

And we the hunted 

Will let the stink of fear 

Herd us to our ledge

Our shame

And our own mortality 

Someday maybe to