Poem: Changeling

Positive magnetic brightness

a gravitational force

changing energy

Scraping off the

layers and layers

of ingrown dirt

making way for the

bursting shine

Come into the circle

and expand

Drink in the effervescent dreams

Then walk upon

moss-covered fields

into the world of






Poem: Origami Strength


And now this strength

is unencumbered

by doubt or sadness

so not only is it Kryptonite

but a beautiful strength

an origami formation


built from intricate folding

of a fragile

adaptable creation


yet simple


Earth Day

I just had to reflect that I was at the first earth day in 1970. Yes, I was a freshman in high school. Do the math! I heard some stats on the radio about how many participated then and how many are now. Pretty cool. But what I recall was picking up trash with some fellow classmates. We still laugh about it.

Of course Earth Day, recycling and caring for our planet has become no laughing matter now. Now it has become a matter of necessity to save the earth, our Mother. I’ve become an avid recycler, composter and green person in my household. Have been for years! I have brought recyclable grocery bags with me way before it was popular. In fact, people used to look at me like I had three heads! Now it’s common place. I’ve been a vegetarian going on 36 years reducing my carbon footprint also.

There is much more I would like to do and hopefully some day I will. This year I am putting in a pellet stove. And I am contemplating a hybrid car because of all the commuting I do. I will never stop trying to help keep my planet safe.

And who knows: maybe the seed was planted oh so long ago on the Earth Day in 1970 as a silly teenager. We all thought it was just another day outside. Someone’s crazy idea to pick up garbage. But it took hold: for a generation to come and in my soul too. Hopefully the idea will recycle itself year after year to each new young person so that the seeds of hope and renewal will continue to grow.