You Can Teach Old Dogs…

So a while ago, when I was sitting at home, in the thick of my contemplating about my life and future–I had a harebrained idea: I would take a course. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, but what I did know, even though it was kind of intimidating, was that I would attempt to do it online.

This may not seem like a very big deal to many of you out there in computer-land, but to me, the gal who is a ‘hands on’ learner, it felt very strange. But on the other hand, I also knew that I was in no position to go schlepping off to some place for a class, nor did I want to pay a huge amount of money for some program that maybe I wouldn’t like after a few weeks. And I knew that nowadays there are so many courses offered online. How hard could it be?

So I started to search, and sure enough, our local community college had some very short and very inexpensive courses that seemed quite reasonable to explore. Hey, I had nothing to lose since my time was wide open, so I decided to sign up for the Veterinary Assistant class–actually a set of three of them (maybe I was a bit ambitious) which started today. In the long run I guess I hoped it might land me a job.

My job is to look beautiful

I literally had no idea what to expect when I logged into ‘my classroom’ today. But there were my lessons, a syllabus, some quizzes, some assignments (optional), a forum area to talk with the Professor (a Vet from Canada) and other students, plus other relevant stuff.

It was all fairly straight forward. Of course I couldn’t get my printer to work when I tried to print the lessons (I finally did after 2 hours), something suggested by the teacher and a good idea for studying for the Final to have for later on. Once the class closes, one doesn’t have access to the information again, so I will create a notebook for reference.

This kind of learning is actually perfect for someone older (like me) or busy…go at your own pace. And it’s basically open book for exams–who wouldn’t love that? I’ve always felt that in real life one gets to look up what we don’t know, so why memorize everything? It’s great.

I have a memory like a steel trap

Will I get a job out of it? Well, the funny part is that after I had already signed up for it, I got a call for a job interview for a job that I applied for about a month ago. I’d given up thinking about it actually, but it so happens it’s at the very college where I’m taking this online course! Imagine that. The interview went as well as expected, but I am still waiting to hear. Who knows?

But I will take this course anyway as it is designed with pet owners in mind also. Plus it’s fun and always good to stretch one’s mind. Maybe I will even use the information to volunteer…

And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks….??

No tricks for me Mommy

If People Were More Like Dogs


They would take the time to play more


They would spend less time gossiping and more time listening


When they were afraid, they would just go hide for a bit instead of becoming bullies


They would take lots of naps so they would always be well rested and not stressed out all the time


They would love other species like family


They would smile more


They’d be OK with their bodies


They would learn to wait patiently and to trust


And to forgive and forget


They would learn to love those different from themselves


And that love is unconditional


That you just walk away, rather than fight if you get angry


And that territories are defined by sniffs and pee not walls or bombs


That most of us aren’t purebred anyway, but we are just as wonderful


That everyone just wants a home



That we should save our voice only for the important things


If when we were frustrated, we took it out on our own stuff, not other’s….


That tongues are not for lashing, but for kisses and we are each unique in our own crazy way


And if our lives were as short and precious as theirs, maybe, just maybe we would live more fully, play harder, rest more deeply, love more expansively, trust more easily, be careful not to destroy stuff and even share all we had…. For they are gone so quickly, but leave with us lessons that we carry forever.

snow 3

So they will continue to play

And we will continue to struggle


But maybe one day we’ll tip our head close enough to theirs so we can really listen to what they’ve been trying to tell us all along.


Poem : New


From long ago remembered places
Maybe TV shows
Or encyclopedias pages
Those places staring out
Begging you to come


The holidays slipping by
Remembered by coiled ribbon
And fuzzy photos
False faces smiling widely
Having given nothing but emptiness


Yet the sky blazes on
Lighting the world’s dark hole
All that carry its seed
Deep in their belly


Tomorrow may break fanned
By the subtle light
Sweet breathe of what may come


So rest now
Put it all behind
Sleep in the warmth
For when you wake
It all starts new


Photos : Hanging Out






Sorry I haven’t been answering comments. No Internet yet thanks to Comcast. I ordered my home kit long before I moved but only had my first bill waiting for me when I arrived!  Imagine that! Numerous calls to them and UPS have gotten me nowhere. It’s like talking to aliens in outer space and just hearing the great black silence back. Or the wa wa noise of the grown-ups in the old Charlie Brown show. They are talking but saying nothing.

It will show up tomorrow right in the middle of the movers no doubt.

Just pray for no torrential rain. Eighty percent chance of it. My 20% for the unloading will be dry….right?

No Snow!

It’s been a long time since I’ve moved, longer since I’ve moved far and never that I’ve moved across country. Holy smokes (as my Dad used to say)–it’s nuts! But I’m excited, nervous, crazy and everything that comes along with such a life change.

My traveling buddies (my dog and cats) definitely know something is up. With the house in disarray, and me bustling about–they are very suspicious. My pup is adjusting to his new harness for the car, and the cats have been sleeping in the carrying cases… Little do they know they will be home for many days in a car!


At work I am taking down personal items from my bulletin board, cleaning out my locker, pulling down things from the wall. Some folks are sad I am going, and those people are coming for a quick goodbye tomorrow while I’m on shift. Hopefully no-one will have the nerve to call 911 while we are trying to gather. Other coworkers are glad I’m leaving, but to those people I say: ta ta. For they are the reasons I was uncomfortable and unhappy where I should have been satisfied. The job/career should have been rewarding, but instead ground me down. Now on to better things!


So my life gets stuffed into as few boxes as possible now. I am so happy to be minimalizing! How do I accumulate so much crap? Like George Carlin said: we love our ‘stuff’. I promise myself not to do it anymore. My new apartment is small–no need to fill it with unwanted items. So my Mom says to me now: when in doubt, throw it out. Or actually I’m giving most of it away. Everyone seems to want my ‘stuff’. Recycling at its finest!


Soon I will say goodbye to my beautiful lake and its sunrises and sunsets. I’ve walked by it so many times with my dogs. I’ve wishes for many things as I did. Now I will see new views and I have new prayers. Palm trees instead of falling autumn leaves…and best of all: NO SNOW!