Poem: I Survived Kindergarten

Today I was a sub

and lived to tell the tale

Teaching little kiddies

Some were happy, some sad

and some who simply wailed

Since they are only five or six

new are they to this game

Some are quiet as a mouse

but some simply have no shame

Their fingers end up places

where they really shouldn’t be

sadly in holes in faces

plugging noses running free

For their tiny little sizes

their voices are quite big

And they never just stand still

instead they do a jig

Whenever asked to get in line

please don’t ask them to chill!

But the hugs they give are priceless

I couldn’t ask for more

It’s a joy to go to work

because it’s not a chore

Even though I’m sixty-two

it’s like I’m back in time

thanks to my classroom

I feel like I’m in my prime!!






Poem: The Cold

What is this nose

like a pink petaled rose

and the streaming eyes

looking like they’ve cried

The booming head

so sunk on the bed

fever chilled sweating

leaving all freating

How did this enter

my core, my center?

And then spread all around

on my sacred ground

Taking over with delight

good blood cells take flight

So miserable I lay low

till it decides to go

taking with it my pep

and slowing my step

Thanks to all the trees

donating tissues for my sneeze

One day I will recover

and won’t be such a bummer

Hopefully soon

next year…immune??






Poem: Olfactory

I was on a run

And I smelled a smell

Someone drying clothes

Their billowing steam

Hit my brain

It took me back

To all the Laundromats

(Laundry mats?)

Where I had washed

Countless clothes

Until I had joined the ranks

Of proud home owner

Other smells

Take me back

To places I’ve been

Perfume I bought

Because my Grandma

Floated close by

Nose and brain

Flash pictures before us

The first sign winter approaches

Or that spring is coming

Skunk scent

City smog

The lover’s smell

Our office space

Holiday joy

A baby’s skin

Puppy breath

Emotions swirl

With a smell

And a memory

The blind do this better

Than those that see

And cave people

Had instinct

The nose kept them safe

Close your eyes

Breathe the smells

Go back in time

Use your senses

And see the world