Poem : Night Shadows 

The dreamy night shadows

fall upon the familiar

and lead softly down

unlit trails of time

The truth of form

melts into blurry edges

atoms disperse among the ebony

Reality floats

hung suspended

and vision becomes

the two bit salesman selling you

a fake

It’s a shape

distorted and odd

forgotten and old

left behind from an ancient world

Or the blending of one

sinking into black

lording over the darkness


and waiting

for you to find your way




I’m not gonna lie…this is pretty much how I feel. I’m exhausted from the last couple of days. Figuring out where I’m supposed to go, who everyone is, what I’m supposed to know (in a very general sense)…is enough to make my head explode. Don’t get me wrong–for the most part it’s been really pretty cool. I found out today I’m replacing someone who left and apparently they are grateful I’m coming on board. I got hugs today! Gosh, I never even got hugs after working for eight years with most my past co-workers.


But filling ones head takes its toll. I had a pounding headache today (well I didn’t drink enough water either).

I know it will come, but for now I want to just fall into my bed. Of course, when I do get in there, I toss and turn thinking about all I have to learn! Oh brother…I just can’t win. 🙂

That’s me though–I will press on.  It’ll all be fine eventually. But for now, I am just going to crash. Hard. Nightie night.



Winter Solstice 2015


And now the days grow as the Winter Solstice visited with the longest night.

The turning of the wheel continues its infinite progression towards the Equinox. It leaves tracks of glittering dust left on Mother’s skin.

Days will gather light while seedlings rest under dark and quiet earth. We pull the cloak of contemplation around weary winter waiting.

The candles are lit. Bring the sun to the longest night. In caves, in huts, in circles, in forests –draw down the light and return again. The light, the warmth, the green!

This we’ve asked, sung, chanted, drummed and danced in hopes that we continue to be a part of the never-ending cycle.

Blessed Be!