Cosmic Birth

She walked into the crystalline night below an inky sky her thoughts following her like giant insects who come out only when old furniture is moved. The apparitions that stalked her, breathing their hot voices close to her ears, were ever present. It was like the dead air sound inside her head when the pressure gets too much; or maybe someone just over the other side was reaching out, trying to say something, but she couldn’t make out the words. A rushing, like the blood in her veins, pushing and pulsing. They follow her, so very near.

Where was she going? And where had she just been? The night air felt like a slap, but it was a sting of stars blasting her awake.  Had she been asleep? Walking through her life, but not conscious. Faces, distorted with mouths that spoke at her, trying to swallow her and eat what she was, would swim out of the darkness, grinning. Often, she would find herself in a place she wouldn’t recognize, naked and unaware how she had gotten there. Just like on this stark night.

The mirrored hall of reality was a twisted place. It’s maze of unending pathways looking back upon itself reflected nothing and everything. Where did she start or end? The mystery of the beginning was unknown. So, she would keep moving because stopping would mean pain. The grace of fluidity kept her whole, in one piece, so she wouldn’t shatter into a million shards and fly off into the universe.

It was understood that this was a lonely place. The voices may speak, but they would never hear.  She would always walk alone on roadways unfamiliar and distant from where she knew she belonged. There would be a mist that would drift in around her and hold her like a baby, clouding the world around her and making the edges soft. But this made others wary of her, because when she stepped out of the fog, she saw with great clarity and knew when the others weren’t true. And this made her different.

So, it kept her walking; away from it all. It kept her separate, even though the voices followed. She kept going forward, step by step. The ghosts floated close by, but the cool, authentic air as she walked kept her present.

And as she walked, her head tilted toward the dotted evening sky. She thought about the stars, planets and the universes. Mostly about eternity. How it all stretches out on and on. It started before her and will go on after she is long gone. And how she is following its call back home.


Poem: Shooting Star

Star shoot beautiful night

Brilliant sky hearts flight

Across the world

Dreams are curled

In lovers beds

With separate dreads

But with the arc

Of light embark

Connect their souls

And fills deep holes

So no matter where

The dark may stare

Magic comes and opens doors

Makes things fly and soar

And when the end is near

I will want you here

To see the star

So far

So far

Poem: For R

The call for magic

will bring you to me

unlock it sweet friend

with the old-fashioned key

From faraway

pulling us close

like two silver magnets

the force only grows

Through time we have danced

together as one

sometimes far sometimes near

our love never done

Someday again

our pathways will cross

and near by we will stand

whatever the cost

So till that moment

comes none too soon

look up in the sky

to see my love in the moon




Poem: Pearls


I am not a Poet like you

Making words leap from the page

Like a gazelle

To be caught

By my hungry and wishful hunter’s ear

And strung together

Pried from an oyster

Creating a gem

How do you find these words?

I learned them too

In schools and essays

Teachers tugging them from my weary brain

Black scribbles on white paper

Staring at me trying to make sense

But yours are different

They rearrange themselves

Like intricate ice patterns on glass

Beautiful, yet transparent

I am not a poet like you

Yet continuing to listen, love and learn

Some days just sitting spellbound

At the simplicity your poetry

Paints in my heart


Shooting Star

shooting starI saw a shooting star tonight while I was driving home. It took up one-quarter of the night sky and was very clear and bright. Haven’t seen one in a very long time–at least not by itself and not part of a meteor shower. I’m choosing to take it as a sign. A sign for good things to come! It happened while I was thinking about a plan for the new year. One I had contemplated after my accident but seemed too daunting to tackle. I’m seriously revisiting it now. And will put into motion steps to start to research if it is feasible, possible, workable and would be something that will bring me my one New Year’s resolution: happiness. Sometimes just to act of thinking about a new possibility is enough to bring joy. So this is a good thing already. But my biggest issue always seems to be that once I decide to do something is to have the patience to get through the process! This would be pretty monumental so patience would be necessary. And it would be something that I would have to handle in baby steps so I am not overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. A whole new adventure…. When the star soared through the sky I made my wish!  It was such an amazing meteor, so I’m pretty darn sure it will! Here’s hoping you all get your wishes for 2013 too.