During my walk through my ‘village’, I am constantly struck by what an alien landscape it is to me. Even the name of the place reminds me of some sort of Sci Fi novel where you can’t be quite sure who is human and who might appear so, but is really a look-alike with highly functioning artificial intelligence.

The homes are all blazingly white, with only specifically allowed colored shutters and all laid out with the same floor plan–this giving the effect of some weird colony created by Big Brother (it was actually in the ’70’s, and BB was the usual group of condo types trying to create the ultimate paradise), but getting cookie cutter instead. It was a good thought and the prices were good, so the humans came…


But as I stroll around a corner and am by myself, the southern sun shimmering off the dazzling white homes, I feel transported to decades into the future. Maybe I am the last ‘real’ human left here, wandering the streets, pretending to be one of ‘them’. They sit behind their curtains, with no honest food in their refrigerators (because they don’t eat) and their hollow laughs echoing in my mind. Who are they really?

I walk and wonder. Do they know who I am? Do they watch me from behind those standard colored shutters? Am I safe? My heart picks up a pace. The heat beats down.

Then I turn a corner. Music drifts from one of the identical homes. I listen: some 60’s tune I recall… And in the driveway next to this home, a car has a bumper sticker: COEXIST. You know the one: with each letter representing some spiritual symbol.

And I snap back: maybe they are really human after all? I remember now, it’s 2017 and it might be OK.

As I’m walking, I briefly look up at the empty blue sky above me. And just for a moment, I imagine a huge billowing mushroom cloud. I lower my head and keep walking…



Poem : Secret Shelf


Secret shelf holding destiny’s decay
Tomorrow’s forging fungus
Tight lipped beauty 
Silent guardian of brother tree


Her dipping grace and blackened locks
Keep peaceful watch


And with wizened arms
And on gray gray nights
The whispering limbs rattle
When wind twirls through crooked fingers


But in the day
Back in the light
Berries burst with better things to come
The seeds will fall
And plants will provide
Only to slip to the secret shelf
To begin it all again

Poems : Managerie


A ladder to earth
Or sky
Waiting for the descending drop
Or climbing to heavenly heights


Clinging on
Last year’s life
Singular solo in a forest of summer



Sweet friends so close
Upon dying debris you feed
Bulbous babes
Lying in wild wet wonder


Gentile you sit
Lady like upon your raft
No gentleman to row you
Safely home


A break among
Angry puffs
A crack to reckon
Light’s brilliant path

Poem: Snake And Sister

She speaks with forked tongue

Like me

Or so they think….

Red reading organ licking life’s vital notes

My remarks seen as serpent stories

Eve, I stole the apple

And ate with hearty gusto

As I approached she leapt

Slanted snake eyes staring down my soul

Who are you wild woman walking among the decay?

Up grew from death

The bulbous fungi poison

I stopped

Her sinuous scales retreated now

But not before those piercing eyes burned a hole

The ancient grip

Locked we were

For an eternity

Snake and sister

As she slithered off