Photos : Sleepy


I was about to wake up this morning when I realized it was Monday. Oh my aching head! The weekend wasn’t nearly long enough. Go away and let me sleep some more!


Maybe when the sun shines in the window a little more, like tomorrow, I will think about getting up. But for now, I’m rolling over.

It’s really great being a dog.

My New Job Prayer


I hope that I can take after my pets tomorrow on my first day of work. Be relaxed and comfortable wherever I find myself.


Also able to balance myself in any tough situation and get along with others or if I don’t, just quietly walk away without saying anything.


I hope to arise each day and see the beauty and good even when the days become monotonous and stressful.


And always see the positive behind the dark clouds that will inevitably fall across my days, because I know somewhere there’s bound to be a silver lining.


But most of all, let me see love everywhere I look and be sure I return it tenfold!

May you all have a great week.

Poem: Sweet Time Of Day

20150511_073315 20150511_073353 20150511_073412 20150511_073430 20150511_073455 20150511_073516

In the quiet of dawn

During the subtle light

When all I hear is the chorus of cardinals

And handiwork of woodpeckers

Along with the jangling of dog tags

As my best friend and I walk in the awakening world

Missing our eager early morning riser

In this sweet time of day

Where the moisture still clings to the air

Keeping us cool

We pad along listening to the waking of life

The stretching of wings and calling of mates

Twittering tree to tree

Just me

And four clicking paws

There’s no-one else in this world

All have left me

To be with that which fills my heart

Till the end of time