Poem: Apart

Do you look above 

and stare at the same 


Locked in place here

it hangs 

I stand underneath 

while you 

see it hanging 

from a 

different sky


Poem: Illumina 

Sometimes it’s time 

to look around 

and quietly remember 

to be grateful 

 See the splendid glory

Outside the fortress 

of the  crumbling mind 

Hung in humbled awe

and drained of worldly worries 

The moon’s Illumina 

Darkened places glow

All moments belong 

To be cherished 

(Or overlooked) 

They fly by


Each one held

Precious and sweet 

May not last longer 

But will feel lighter

to hold 

Poem : Speed of Light 

What exactly is

The speed of light?

Is light a traveler 

In space 

Tripping through 

The dark universe 

To be seen on

Another side

Turned inside out

In black holes

Spinning tails of comets

Caught in the glow

Of alternate moons 

A hiker

With no backpack 

Making its way 

By the glow

It throws

Poem: By The Lake


Sweet moments when we walked together

by the lake

on a blazing day, our love just paces away

Those colorful flashes

when all the toil

came to rest in my beating heart


The anticipation of newness of splendor

each passing sky

the humble movement of earth’s daily chores


And gentle footsteps of those that share

paths, hillsides and mountains with me

My grateful reverence


For these things

I walk in thanks

In peace

and keep hope

close by


The Watchful Eye


I kiss my hand to the moon
Watching over souls
So far from me
Shedding strawberry light
After the longest weary day

They come nonstop
Their limbs askew
The victims of war
No place of peace
Dying in fear

But the brave persist!
To care for these torn
Those sworn to heal
Though they have no supplies
They stay
And touch
And do what they can
And watch their comrades die

It is their oath that keeps them
Some remember it still
As the moon looks down
With Her watchful eye
And I look back
Knowing there is good yet
In the world


Poem: Womb


Can I crawl into your womb
Back home
Swimming silently upstream
Starting over
Quietly this time
Maybe as someone else


Or float around
In the darkness
Getting my bearing
Womb cave cover
That sweet swollen capsule
Rocketing to moons


Until I land
With a thud
On the place called Earth
Now dirt and mud
Dry brittle dust
It’s all sucked away
And there on the ground
All red and brown
I just lay down