Poem: For R

The call for magic

will bring you to me

unlock it sweet friend

with the old-fashioned key

From faraway

pulling us close

like two silver magnets

the force only grows

Through time we have danced

together as one

sometimes far sometimes near

our love never done

Someday again

our pathways will cross

and near by we will stand

whatever the cost

So till that moment

comes none too soon

look up in the sky

to see my love in the moon





Poem: Betrayal

Walking into a conspiracy of souls,

Their hunched backs to me with hushed voices—

A thousand hearts beat in my stomach

As I stop    dead     in    my     path


The pulling and pitting,

Forever questioning how others can purr

So genuinely to another

Then scratch and claw until flesh lays open


Twisted and brambles inside

Thorns underneath roses lay

Drawn by the smell can be tempting

To those naïve


Wounds and scars dripping sap

From years of birds pulling bugs from within

But the bark continues to wrap around

Each hole and dent



Wind slamming into skin

Lungs gasping at hope

Turning my body into sunlight

I return time and time again



20141118_080336 (1)



I’ve been thinking about loyalty today. Somehow I keep coming up with this vision of a little spindly tree hanging on for dear life. I’m not sure why except that it seems mostly dead. Searching on the internet I found these two quotes that resonated with how I felt.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” JR Tolkien, “The Fellowship Of The Rings”.

“A man is not an orange. You can’t eat the fruit and throw the peel away.” Arthur Miller, “Death Of A Salesman”.

It has seemed to me, especially as of late, loyalty is throw away. It isn’t a nurtured thing to be cultivated and treasured. But maybe this is something of the past, or of the older generation? Is it possible younger folks don’t realize the importance of it?

I’ve noticed with them they seem to attach easily and mistake deep friendships for superficial actions or words. True loyalty and caring appears to go unnoticed or maybe just comes to be expected from those of us that are dependable with our giving and kindness. They look to catch phrases or internet relationships and take these for real interactions, but miss planned and highly calculated efforts to help them. This I find distressing and sad.

Is this the wave of the future? Is loyalty dead? Or do we need to start trying to reinvigorate it? My hope is for the latter, but I’m not always sure how to attain it. I’ve tried to by being loyal myself, but somehow this doesn’t seem to work with some. Setting the example only seems to make me get used by the very ones I hope to teach.

But I won’t give up hope that someday these folks will see the depth of real relationships. That they are based on more than mere words and fluff. Who would come if they needed someone in the darkness or if all that was left of them was the peel. Because I know I am that kind of friend–through all of it, not just superficial moments.

I will end with this quote, and I’m not sure where it came from, but it feels appropriate:

“There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty”.