Poem: The Demented

I move you

as you watch

through eyes reaching back

to dance floors hung with

cigarette smoke swirls

Your double-breasted jacket

brushing cozily against a firmly guarded chest

Slowly moving together

feeling forever young


the music fades away

And then you turn

to see me sitting next to you

Are you searching among

reminiscence and room?

The pirouette now is sedate and stiff

partnered hands upon cold metal rails

that follow your lead

It is not love that holds us up in the end

But the lonely grip

of the metallic burn

the flickering memories that dart

with us

in and out

as our dance partners

once did




Poem: The Street Lamp


The street lamp


through the jail slit blinds

while I lay wide-eyed


trying to sleep

It lights my thoughts

the moment when you

got on your knees and begged me to stay

when I played the now dead song:

“I Will Always Love You”

(which wasn’t true)

Laying on the lamp-lit bed

even with lavender soaked eye-pads

I cannot escape

the path of memories







Poem/Song: Tango River

bridge 1

We danced a tango river

where winding waters flowed

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


Back when summer moons were fuller

as we floated through the night

Rocking closely to the rhythm

gazing star eyed at the light


We danced a tango river

where winding waters flow

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


You rocked me in a cradle

of gently loving arms

And you held me like forever

So I never came to harm


We danced a tango river

where winding waters flow

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


So my sweet partner

it’s with you I want to dance

Let’s drift away together

and take the rivers chance


We danced a tango river

where winding waters flow

And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


And the moon glow ripples

made our heartbeats slow


Note: I picture this as a song somehow, but unfortunately, I can’t write music. The first line came to me in the middle of the night as my writing often does… I wish I could put it to music somehow….

Poem: Overheating 

It’s  burnt orange 

and peeled back 

sometimes so thick with scars 

it hardly knows how to beat

its way through 

incoming traffic 

Words that are tossed

uninvited guests 

landing in places 

too close to the center 

confusing the rhythm 

and making all the other parts

heat up

so they run 

all wrong 

Poem: The Bandit 


you stole from me

when I wasn’t looking 

too busy not wanting 

wrapped up in it can’t happen

But there you were

digging away 

at my center 

until I surrendered 

And now maybe 

you have found me

buried under the debris 

scratching away long enough 

for me to be revealed 

So stay

don’t wander away 

or think of stealing bits

of me

and hiding them 

somewhere else 

Misty Memory

I met him last night in a room shuttered and silent, painted with gray and gone wan. He was middle-aged handsome, his chin dappled with careless hair. Around his mouth were creases when he smiled that showed he had known joy in life. His eyes a mystery, my memory failing–or maybe I sunk into them drawn by their depth.


We talked and laughed. And I had some project to perform–a photograph etching this moment in time, this man. But rather I revealed parts of myself, both physical and others, sinking within, to parts I had not gone in a long time.


Somehow it seemed right with him, this man, in this deep and precious place. I let go for a moment, tasting again that feeling and wondering at it.

Then, he left for the night and the shadowed light returned. I arose from my bed recalling the visit as his misty memory disappeared.


Poem: Unexpected Connection

Any moment

Life changes

For good or ill

Around that corner


Now you walk with limb recalled

Or see the frozen look

On faces of children

As stretchers move past

Have the tumbling weightless fear

Careening metal over cliffs

Clinging to memories past

Hear stumbling sentences

Pouring from crooked mouths

Just moments before making sense

But  it can be loneliness

Broken by unexpected connection

Eyes looking back

Not your own

Conversations shared

Out loud

Instead of noise in your head

And bodies draped, touching

When just hours before

There was simply


Poem: Jesus Lover

Jesus lover

Arms outstretched

In supplication to the goddess

You say

I pray

We lay

Onion lover

Skin like paper

Peel deep layers back

You belie

I sigh

We lie

Diamond lover

From the coal within

You glitter and sparkle

You shine

I divine

We combine

Spoon lover

Stomach to back

Bodies glisten heat

You burn

I yearn

We return

Rocking chair lover

Moving back and forth

Long legs sweet swaying

You lean

I beam

We glean

Lollipop Lover

Luscious lips lick all over

Tongue tasting salty drops

You crave

I cave

We save

Stop sign lover

Our paths converge

The road ends here

You break

I take

We supplicate