Poem: Chime

They blow through me

windy words sweep miles 

past desert shapes

caught in wisps of willows 

and carried on wings of butterflies 

Gusting din

heard as flying bells 

traveler to my inner 

outer space 

where not a breeze blows


for my song

as it drifts through air

displacing wave 

putting pressure on you

to hear

Poem: Gone


Pulled through the pulsing portal
Wondering what was waiting
At the other end


Looking down upon fractured features
Moments from long ago
Broken bits of clutter
Carried carefully in bits of cloth


The ever smiling creature
Who hung in a tree of home
Now sits atop the rubble
Like a wounded warrior


Where are the days of familiar faces
Blooming colors from the bedroom window
That same street with whistling birds
And the perfectly painted sun
Falling on my quietly lapping lake
From long ago