Giants in my life. And only some of the few who share my private space, seem to get my moods and don’t weigh me down with unnecessary baggage of their own.

They have been my compadres for longer than many I’ve known. They are getting older, but have always seemed wiser than most I meet– at least when it comes to napping.

In retrospect, hiding under the bed when most people were around was probably what I should have done also; they know the ones that are safe. And the truth is, they get a bad rap about being stuck up or snobby. A person can hardly sit down without one demanding affection.

No, it’s love, not just the catnip or canned food. Because why are they throwing themselves under hands or rubbing against parts of the body, especially when I’m trying to do something important. Love. It’s definitely love.

And with the endless purr, a thank you for the partnership. It’s not always easy with the clawed couches and smelly litter, but, in the end there is love back.

Not only that, but also napping buddies.


Poem : Walking Forward


In the distance is something I see
Something that I had not always known was there
My life was busy before
Building rockets to the sky


In the distance was the light
Just out of reach
Dipping behind fronds of every day matter


Crisscrossed by life’s unending roadways
I followed the hedges
With the sun just always a step behind


The day has come to step out front
Jump the hedge high in my saddle to the other side
To leap out of the distance into the near
Around the shadows into the light
Claim my life
No matter what
Regardless who
And walk quietly forward