Taking Off Into 2017

Yes I am looking right ahead to next year. I am staring it down without fear or trepidation. Bring it on!

There were times when I had to tuck into myself last year. Things aren’t always easy or forth coming. But we press on the best we can. And eventually we come around…

We are able to begin to spread our wings again. If I keep reminding myself I can fly, then I know it will be ok. Even if occasionally I have to rest, or change what I’m doing. In the end I’ll be at it again. 

And so I am ready to take off into next year. I’m not sure where I’m going or where I’ll land. But my wings are spread, my head is high and my eyes are looking for that new adventure on the horizon. 


So as we march closer to the new year, we take time to reflect on the one we leave behind. I certainly had some ups and downs, but this seems nothing new in my life. I’ve become accustomed to this pattern, riding my roller coaster more easily now, with more acceptance. Maybe it’s why, though, I hate them in for real, because I live one it seems. 

But my coping skills have improved over time, so each dip on the ride may not leave my stomach quite as queasy as it once did. My white knuckled grip as each valley drops out from under me, has loosened slightly and maybe I can even keep my eyes open. 

Still, 2017 feels a bit vague.  What’s ahead and where the ride is taking me isn’t quite clear. Of course all the standard wishes we grant each other and secretly hope for ourselves are lurking around within me. But as each year passes, I wonder at these wishes. How do I get them to actually take form. Maybe they are only shadowy illusions I create to keep me moving forward. 

Each moment, day, month and year seem to flicker by now with such frightening speed. There are times that I simply sit just to capture a second, but it too flutters by. 

So as songs of old drift in through my window, and thoughts of 2016 get tucked away, I turn to face the new year. It will take courage for us all I think, as individuals and as a nation, for we have challenges ahead. 

Since I’ve accepted my life is rife with challenges, I am ready. Let me be strong this year and do what is right. And may the ride for us all be safe.

Maybe Next Year?

Here is about my only admission in my home that it’s the holidays. I opened my plastic carton that holds only a very minor portion of the decorations that I chose to keep. Then I closed it. No point really. I did the same thing last year. Doesn’t feel much like a holiday on multiple levels. And I won’t go into why…

The kids seen to agree… rather disinterested. 

Or bored with the whole idea anyway. 

Or far too busy doing more important things…like washing. 

Maybe next year???

A New Trend??

Today was a day that I was particularly thankful to be a cat and not a turkey or pig or some other animal that humans in this country find especially edible on this day. Luckily my mom never feels that way about any animals so in our house they all would be safe. Of course I don’t necessarily agree with her in certain cases, like when those silly mice feel they can come barging into my space… Well, I may not really eat them but do some serious damage I’m afraid and mom gets pretty annoyed with me. She believes all creatures should be allowed to live in peace.

Maybe so, I know that I live that way along with my brother and sister. We are privileged I suppose and I am not sure why it happened that way. So I will be grateful and try to be better about being inhospitable to any furry visitors from now on…but I can’t promise. Maybe I can start a trend and humans  will be kinder too?

But I doubt it.

My Baby

My baby graduated college today. Well she walked with her class technically and still has a couple of classes in the fall. But that’s because she is amazing and decided on a difficult major in computer science with a minor in math. She still graduated summa cum laude to boot!

OK a bit of bragging the day before Mother’s day, but normally I don’t think much about those Hallmark holidays.
Today  though I am celebrating her day from far away.


Luckily the college had live stream so I could watch it on my computer. And I filmed it on my phone so my Mom and her sister could see it too. Ah the wonders of technology!

So on this special and beautiful day, I wish for my daughter some things:

That she follows her dreams and has no road blocks ever in the way stopping her from her goals.


May she find love and give love to those around her, keeping compassion, kindness and caring for all sentinent beings in her heart.


May she never know hardship, but if she does, that great strength, wisdom and intelligence be hers during these times.


Good health be hers always, with a strong body, peaceful spirit, inspired mind and a gentle soul.


And finally may she always know that her Mother’s love is boundless, non-judgmental, ever available and a gift freely given.

I love you little one. Congradulations and Happy Mother’s day.