Merry Eostre

So my dear and diverse readers in blogging land, I’m going to diverge from my normal protocol (well mostly) and stick my toe into the potentially controversial topic of religion.

Today as most of you know is Easter here in the US. And some of you may also know, because I have mentioned on my blog before, I am not Christian– although I do tend to be a very spiritual (and respectful) person. But there is one thing that I have found over the years perplexing (and maybe slightly tiresome) that I’m going to put out to you all.

Why do people–like almost everybody I bump into–feel compelled to wish me a Happy Easter and assume this has meaning to me? This has been going on for days leading up to today and each time I hear it, I just wonder what they think when they say it. Do they think that I too am Christian and celebrate this particular holiday or is it just something to say instead of: gee, it’s a nice day out?

To me it would seem the more appropriate thing to say might be: Do you celebrate Easter? And then this might open a conversation. Or they could even discuss their Easter plans and say: What a great day for Easter. Then it leaves the other person open to speak of their plans if they have any, or just listen if they don’t.

If someone is a completely different religion, say Jewish, wishing them a Happy Easter, is not particularly relevant to them. At Christmas time these phrases (Merry Christmas!!) happen too, although folks seem sometimes to be a bit more aware and sometimes offer a ‘Happy Holidays’ just in case.

I understand that people aren’t trying to be rude or anything, but it’s more about awareness of ones interactions with people and who they might be. Like the adage: don’t assume. Just because you believe something and it has meaning to you, doesn’t mean it does to someone else (even if it has meaning to a large population). It’s maybe not a big thing really. Just a small politeness. A tiny way to say: hey, I’m me, but maybe you’re you and it’s OK. We can all live here together with our own beliefs, traditions and truths. A way to keep trying to connect our world on a more individual level and not lump everyone into a category. Maybe if we tried this and took the time to get to know each person we met rather than treat them as a reflection of our own insecurities, there wouldn’t be so much hate and fear.

So what if I said to you: Merry Eostre. What would you say and how would you feel? Would you take the time it hear what it means to me? Or will you remain in your own story till the end…??

I hope you all had a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Sunday.


The Music Of The Universe

Lately, in keeping with all the inner work I’ve been doing and with the great changes coming out of the last few years of my life, it has naturally moved me back to the more spiritual side of myself. In my past, the spiritual plane was almost equal to the plane in which I lived on a daily ‘normal’ basis. This meant I often felt very in tune with so much more around me and on a much deeper level: people, animals, the natural landscape and of course: the mystical.

Then, the course of my life got in the way, and this beautiful and magical part of my life slipped away  without me really noticing. The spiritual habits that I had practiced left me; all the ‘unexplained coincidences’ that would so often pop up joyfully in my life seemed to disappear and life just became a dull and routine existence.

Like so many of us, the tether to the unknown–to that thing beyond us–(call it what you may), isn’t always there unless you are really looking or open to it. Many just don’t believe, being simply too rooted in reality.

But we all have our own scopes of what reality may be. And I know that my reality had encompassed many things which could not be explained by scientific or simple explanations. You just had to be there to understand. To have faith in the powers and energies that flow. And I did.

So the time has gently begun to seem right, bit by bit, to reemerge within my spiritual self. To put back on my garland crown and flowing robes and step back into the circle once again. And I feel my power returning like an old friend. It was just waiting for my call.

My dreams have been full of visions, visitations and clarity. I use a dream book that I have to help interpret them and I’ve been writing them down in my journal, along with other long and inspired thoughts about my journey.

My interactions with people feel more purposeful and I am often drawn into deep conversations on a sidewalk with neighbors. Seeing people now brings me warmth rather than anxiety and I’m happy to share these moments and feel they are all meaningful.

Most things now feel part of my plan, that I am drawing all things to me. Some days I pick a tarot card to see what it might say, and often it will reflect what I have been feeling during my meditation. That nothing is random: I am creating this reality around me.

It has a been a very long walk to this place of inner peace; to be able to shrug off the demon within each time it threatens to claw its way to the surface. And now that I am dancing on my spiritual path once again, my peace is sweeter: for finally  I can hear the music of the Universe with my whole soul.

The Costume

It seems that humans through the ages love to dress in costume. Either for ritual or fun, humans have used feathers, paint, colorful cloth, beads and anything they can get their hands on to disguise their normal form.

Long ago it may have been to appease Gods or Goddesses or to look like an animal they were thanking to try to bring down for a hunt. Getting into the spirit of the being may have made this creature closer to the human and therefore better able to communicate with it. Or maybe it was dressing like the spirits from the other world, using the ancestral imagination, dreams and stories to create the human form into something other worldly.

Even now women continue to paint their faces (and men too) just to leave their house for a normal day out, hoping to look better or different–using the magic of makeup to create a new face.We play dress-up, bedeck ourselves with jewels, tattoos and fancy hair–maybe to try to be the fanciest beast in the jungle.

Whenever given the chance, it seems many jump at the chance to be in character, someone other than who they normally are, and come onto the world’s stage as someone new: more glamorous, sexier, crazier, colorful or just a character they love.

So this time of year is not only fun for kids, but adults alike. It’s the time to shed your persona and be someone else. Who do you long to be? What is the other side of you that you don’t show but behind a costume comes out full force? Because when you put one on it allows you to set your personality free.

Don’t wait until a holiday or party to don one. Take any chance to step outside yourself and try on someone new. You may be surprised who is buried inside.

Poem : The Accomplice


It was just that time
Of poetic paths meandering far beyond
Expounded boundaries
The craggy ragged loopholes
Only a few can see


A strange accomplice
Meeting in the cloak of night
Our utterances often simple
But their power brilliant
Did shine


And under She who guides the dark
Did we merry dance and play
Forever etched you will stay
My friend
No matter where you are


Our hearts are always near
My dear
Wherever I do look
A leaf a branch a solid stone
My accomplice
Is on the road
With me

Sunday’s Visit


Moving to a new place can be a lonely proposition. While I’m an introverted person, that does not mean I don’t like the occasional chat with a like-minded person, or something to do now and again. Having no job yet can leave a person like me (usually someone who likes to stay very busy) quite bored.

So on one of my walks the other morning, I had an epiphany and realized that it might be a great idea to visit the local Unitarian Universalist Church. I figured there had to be one in this area being a pretty culturally diverse and fairly liberal area.

Sure enough, when I got to the library, I googled UU churches in my area and happily I found one quite close to my house. Searching the website, I even found a sermon from the prior week and discovered that the minister, whose name is Harris, happens to be a woman! Who knew? That’s fine with me too. 🙂 Finding what she had to say worth hearing and hoping the people there were welcoming and warm, I looked forward to a visit today.

In my past, my UU Church was where some of best friends were found. I was much younger and visited with a friend, but it was a place of peace, acceptance and action. It was where I realized my true sense of spirituality and branched off with some special women into our own women’s group which we called Chrysalis. Because of this group, the Goddess sings within me still.

At first the idea of a ‘church’ was odd and uncomfortable to me since my Mother was Jewish and she had always hammered into me that I was too. We celebrated some Jewish holidays growing up when we were still around my Mother’s family, but since my step Dad was a WASP, we also had a Christmas tree and all the trimmings (which I liked better). For me, I never embraced either religion.

It wasn’t until the basement of the UU Church and my special women’s group that I began to know where my spirit flew. It was feminine, earthy, all-encompassing, magic and joyful. I was finally home.

I tried the UU Church in New England where I recently lived, but that one did not resonate with me and didn’t have a space for my special spirituality. It met in a real ‘church’ and we sat in pews, so unlike my old one from long ago. Plus, while some of the folks there were lovely, most just weren’t my people.

Walking into the building today, while it gave me sense of trepidation, it also felt like deja vu once I walked into the sanctuary. It was not as big as the one I used to attend, but was bright, with windows, modern and with comfortable chairs. People immediately came up to me and began to introduce themselves and ask after me. During the service new people were asked to stand and say who we were. There was a peace in the ‘sameness’ of the service, so like others I’ve attended.

It seems like the welcoming community that it’s suppose to be, there are many committees, groups, young people, older people, kids and the sermon was something worth hearing. I was invited for the lunch after, but didn’t stay. My introverted nature reached its burnout point and I needed to head home.

But I will definitely return next week. And I hope, eventually, it will feel more comfortable to me. That I too, will eventually find friends there and be a part of this community.


Poem: Follow The Beat

A deer jumped before me

Broad daylight

The Goddess spirit on tip-toed hooves

Sprightly springing from my inner sources

I call forth

The shape shifting synchronicities

Appearing everywhere

Leaping from ringing writings

Whose words take note inside my starving cavern

Animal’s anima turn toward me

Challenging the path forward

My archetype self seeping through pores

Running through forests filled with infestations

Of my own making

I break to be free

The breath is loud now

Colors vibrate in vitreous crystals

Blinking flashing off of mystical beasts

Follow the beat

The footsteps

For the sound is your heart

And the imprints your own


Beat Of The Drum


Deciding to do something monumental and different, even if it may be exciting and worthy of your dream world, may take years to mull around in one’s head. So it did with mine, even though much of that time I probably wasn’t aware of it.

Seems it’s common for the middle-aged population to wander in a wasteland of confusion, boredom and the need to shed the skin we’ve been wearing much of our lives just as a snake does to become renewed. Or as a chrysalis metamorphoses into the intricate and lovely butterfly she becomes.

Years ago I was part of a woman’s group named Chrysalis. It was named so for the very reason we had hoped to change and grow as women. And so we did.

But somewhere along the years, I lost my way amidst motherhood, becoming a wife and a paramedic. Caring for others, I forgot how to care for myself. Such is a common occurrence with women (and maybe men too–I do not know because I am not one).

So started a long and difficult search within. It was painful and I lost much along the way. There was a divorce and disconnections from my children (albeit temporary) and difficulties with relationships in general. I questioned many things during this wandering time, as it is known. I was often confused, hurt, pained and misinterpreted by others.

There can be a precipitating event that can jar one out of this time. So it was with me. My near-death car accident was a sign from the Universe that it was time to ‘come out of the forest’ (as it is known) and return to the land of light and clarity.

It has taken some time, and I am clearly a changed person. But being so, nothing now can be the same. Nothing feels right. Over the last few years I have shifted within my own skin and a new persona has emerged.

Now the new journey will begin. Literally and figuratively. During this time if one can remain open, synchronicity will meet you at every door. Books that have been sitting on your shelf for years will suddenly beckon you to read them; people with enter your life as you need to meet them; events will fall into place.

Such is the case for me. The drums are starting to beat louder now. The Goddess has reawakened within my life. Everything is brighter, more significant and each moment has meaning.

For years I felt awash in discontent. And now I know this was part of what one goes through to reach the other side. The mist, the fog in which we walk finding our deeper self so we may walk into the sun with our older, wiser self.

It calls to me. And hopefully I answer with a clearer soul, a more peaceful spirit–ready to do the work I am meant to do.