Poem: What If Karma Wins?

Even if meditating

in the perfect position

Jasmine blossom blowing by

a sweet silent prayer

Hands folded to that Higher Power

or knees bent

softly in bedside pew

Begging and apologizing

then carefully listening

for the silent reply

Giving up this to make up for that

promises and finger crosses

while sacrifice paves the pitted road

Yet it just seems to go one way

no matter where you stand

Is destiny the conductor

after all

and no choices ours to weave




Poem: Free Will?


is maybe

a few rungs

short of happiness

But as the fire breath

of karma

singe neck hairs

It is quite an



Poem: Upward

I transcend

breathing soft air

and ascend behind flashing eyelids

free now

from egos gravitational lure

Climbing over yesterdays clutter

a wraith rising

through the worldly walls

to wander upon higher plains


drifting in dark spirals of space

tiny bits of astral dust


away away

I shine and hover

as humming of the cosmos

levitates me till

the end of time


Poem: Re-Human

How to be open

when life is caving in

or to give

when so much

is taken

The fires are lit

and souls are drowning

the earth is folding in

on itself

trying to get away


left at the


of Gods

who have abandoned

We are now

left alone

to swirl in our own


or to beg

for them to create us



The Music Of The Universe

Lately, in keeping with all the inner work I’ve been doing and with the great changes coming out of the last few years of my life, it has naturally moved me back to the more spiritual side of myself. In my past, the spiritual plane was almost equal to the plane in which I lived on a daily ‘normal’ basis. This meant I often felt very in tune with so much more around me and on a much deeper level: people, animals, the natural landscape and of course: the mystical.

Then, the course of my life got in the way, and this beautiful and magical part of my life slipped away  without me really noticing. The spiritual habits that I had practiced left me; all the ‘unexplained coincidences’ that would so often pop up joyfully in my life seemed to disappear and life just became a dull and routine existence.

Like so many of us, the tether to the unknown–to that thing beyond us–(call it what you may), isn’t always there unless you are really looking or open to it. Many just don’t believe, being simply too rooted in reality.

But we all have our own scopes of what reality may be. And I know that my reality had encompassed many things which could not be explained by scientific or simple explanations. You just had to be there to understand. To have faith in the powers and energies that flow. And I did.

So the time has gently begun to seem right, bit by bit, to reemerge within my spiritual self. To put back on my garland crown and flowing robes and step back into the circle once again. And I feel my power returning like an old friend. It was just waiting for my call.

My dreams have been full of visions, visitations and clarity. I use a dream book that I have to help interpret them and I’ve been writing them down in my journal, along with other long and inspired thoughts about my journey.

My interactions with people feel more purposeful and I am often drawn into deep conversations on a sidewalk with neighbors. Seeing people now brings me warmth rather than anxiety and I’m happy to share these moments and feel they are all meaningful.

Most things now feel part of my plan, that I am drawing all things to me. Some days I pick a tarot card to see what it might say, and often it will reflect what I have been feeling during my meditation. That nothing is random: I am creating this reality around me.

It has a been a very long walk to this place of inner peace; to be able to shrug off the demon within each time it threatens to claw its way to the surface. And now that I am dancing on my spiritual path once again, my peace is sweeter: for finally  I can hear the music of the Universe with my whole soul.

The Costume

It seems that humans through the ages love to dress in costume. Either for ritual or fun, humans have used feathers, paint, colorful cloth, beads and anything they can get their hands on to disguise their normal form.

Long ago it may have been to appease Gods or Goddesses or to look like an animal they were thanking to try to bring down for a hunt. Getting into the spirit of the being may have made this creature closer to the human and therefore better able to communicate with it. Or maybe it was dressing like the spirits from the other world, using the ancestral imagination, dreams and stories to create the human form into something other worldly.

Even now women continue to paint their faces (and men too) just to leave their house for a normal day out, hoping to look better or different–using the magic of makeup to create a new face.We play dress-up, bedeck ourselves with jewels, tattoos and fancy hair–maybe to try to be the fanciest beast in the jungle.

Whenever given the chance, it seems many jump at the chance to be in character, someone other than who they normally are, and come onto the world’s stage as someone new: more glamorous, sexier, crazier, colorful or just a character they love.

So this time of year is not only fun for kids, but adults alike. It’s the time to shed your persona and be someone else. Who do you long to be? What is the other side of you that you don’t show but behind a costume comes out full force? Because when you put one on it allows you to set your personality free.

Don’t wait until a holiday or party to don one. Take any chance to step outside yourself and try on someone new. You may be surprised who is buried inside.

Catholic Medals

So in keeping with my love of miniatures and my intrigue with many religious symbols, I was drawn recently to a couple of Catholic medals. I also wondered if they were old (I’m drawn to vintage also) which made me ponder who might have owned them previously.



Knowing very little about the Catholic faith, I have no clue about these, although I can guess. There is writing on them, but it’s so tiny  (and I can’t find my magnifying glass), so I can’t read what it says. I googled them, but couldn’t find anything just like them.

Anyone out there who can help me? I’d love to know as much as you can tell me. They are very precious.


Tonight I heard a very disturbing piece on NPR that I had never heard before about the Space shuttle Challenger. It’s the 30th anniversary of the fateful day of its explosion. I suppose it’s slightly personal, because the teacher on board who died also taught in the state from where I have just recently moved.

Anyway….NPR did an interview tonight with an engineer who had apparently warned NASA that it would not be safe to send the ship up because of the low temperatures. He and another engineer (now dead) apparently repeatedly warned them not to launch as it wouldn’t be safe. And yet, they did. And we all know the sad outcome–sad because I guess it didn’t have to happen if they had only waited.

The really hard part of this newscast was that the engineer who is still alive, now 89 years old, has lived with huge guilt his whole life! What he said during his interview brought me to tears–it was literally heartbreaking that he felt it was his fault that those people died because he didn’t make it clear enough to NASA that they shouldn’t fly! The poor man. He felt God picked the wrong man to have the information about the fated flight to pass on….


But in truth, probably no-one could have changed the outcome. Certainly when dealing with a machine like NASA, stopping the wheels of something like a launch would probably take an act of God–not some lowly engineer telling them they shouldn’t do something! No-one 30 years ago figured out why they didn’t listen–and who knows? It could have been any dumb reason. And maybe there are better checks in place now since the space program isn’t what it used to be and doesn’t have the money to spare blowing up space crafts randomly.

I heard arguments over the years that yes, it was very sad about a civilian getting killed, but on the other hand she did sign up for it. Some people feel there are other more important things to feel sad about: like poverty and kids going hungry. Yes, that certainly makes sense to me.

Let’s face it though: no-one should have to die needlessly! And no-one should have to carry around the burden of 30 years of guilt because other people turned a deaf ear.

So the moral of the story for me is: Whatever we are doing, in whatever job: big or small or even our every day interactions with each other–we all just need to listen! Because you never know when someone says that one important thing that may just end up being something that could end up changing the course of someone else’s life–hopefully in a good way!

Let’s take the time, slow down and just…listen. Even if you are a huge corporation!! After all, they are just made up of individual people, just like the ones that died wanting to go home to the people they loved!

sunflowers 1

Poem: Rock Of Hatred


Humanity leaves the mark of a dark soul

left right alone leaving marks

in damp dimpled sand

A crazed shooter

entering The House — a circle mandala

Unbeknownst witnesses praying to a God

who needed more entrants

Into His beckoning home

The solid rock of hatred

seems broad hard and unbreakable

But it too turns to bits of earth and dust

pushed by one tiny stick or shovel

Held by hands of love

Broken down bits and pieces

of raindrops and dew

The solitude of misunderstanding

furrowed into fields of friendships

Bringing beauty

Not blood

Causing community

Not division

So one day we may all walk

In one another’s shoes