Poem: I Survived Kindergarten

Today I was a sub

and lived to tell the tale

Teaching little kiddies

Some were happy, some sad

and some who simply wailed

Since they are only five or six

new are they to this game

Some are quiet as a mouse

but some simply have no shame

Their fingers end up places

where they really shouldn’t be

sadly in holes in faces

plugging noses running free

For their tiny little sizes

their voices are quite big

And they never just stand still

instead they do a jig

Whenever asked to get in line

please don’t ask them to chill!

But the hugs they give are priceless

I couldn’t ask for more

It’s a joy to go to work

because it’s not a chore

Even though I’m sixty-two

it’s like I’m back in time

thanks to my classroom

I feel like I’m in my prime!!






Let The Games Begin…

And so it begins again. Tomorrow is the first day of school here where I live and I will be working again, but in a more random capacity. I’ve worked there all summer, helping wherever I was needed. It was fun actually: with the halls quiet and peaceful.

But tomorrow they will be filled with the excited (and loud) voices of our returning students and the nervous, tiny Kindergarten kids. Lucky for them we will all be there to help them all handle the first day and rein in their jitters.

There are some new teachers this year too–including a man! Whoop whoop. That place needs a balance of testosterone if you ask me, so it will be interesting to see how the kids feel about him. And there is an older (like me) new long-term sub also, which I am happy to see.

All in all, it will be an interesting year. No more full-time lunchroom duty for me! Hooray!! And I also offered to sub in the classrooms, which could turn out to be a total disaster, but we’ll give it a try. Mostly, I actually enjoy the administrative, boring stuff. It’s funny because the teachers keep telling me I’m a hero for helping them laminate, staple and collate. And I think to myself: from saving lives as a paramedic to saving these teachers… hmmm?

They assure me they would have a heart attack without me. But….

I’m not so sure.

It Takes Kids

If we are lucky, we end up getting more than we expect from something we undertake. So has been the case with the job I started back in December. Just a very part-time and simple one as a lunch room monitor in a very small Charter school, something I honestly felt might not fulfill me as much as my career as a paramedic, but took because of logistical reasons. As it turns out, this non-career position may end up being one of the most satisfying jobs I’ve ever had in some important ways.

I was asked a month or so ago by a co-worker if I would be interested in participating in a 5K race that a bunch of kids and staff members were doing. This race was a two-part thing: one a regular 5K to benefit the Girl Scouts, but the other was called Girls On The Run to get local girls to get psyched and get out there and see what they could do. My co-worker knew I worked out, so approached me and I said: of course! Not really knowing what I was supposed to do though, I registered for the Girl Scout part, which was timed.

Meanwhile, the girls at my school trained, and in the lunch room, we all talked about the upcoming day which happened to be today.

It was held in a lovely park right as the sun was coming up. I haven’t raced in years and planned to just speed walk. The girls were excited and it was great to see some of the teachers out of work.

When the race started, I held to my plan for a bit, but since I had been having a pretty good work out regimen lately (and I’m way too competitive), I thought I’d try jogging just a bit. The paved trail in the park was surrounded by grass, so I was able to jog on it for much of the time. Since the Girls On The Run race started 5 minutes later, a few of the kids passed me and we cheered each other on. One teacher (who had planned to walk too, but was running), passed me also as did a friend’s son. I ended up jogging slowly almost the whole way. It was a miracle.

At the finish line, we all had fun cheering the school in (and collecting thin mints). And it was really crazy when we found out some of us actually placed in our age groups; including me! I was second in mine! Pays to be old. Of course I was 10 minutes behind the first woman, but hey: as a famous woman runner once said, “A win is a win!”

But the really best part was having the girls calling out my name along the way and saying hi, having one teacher telling me how much she loved me (I actually thought she never noticed me), having the kindergarten teacher introduce me to her Mom telling her about how I’m in her class and just hearing from folks how the kids love me (I was asked to be one of the coaches next year).

I worked for 20 years as a medic and rarely got warm fuzzies. Maybe it just takes children and their natural ability for giving joy and love to finally make someone like me feel good in my place of employment!

Poem: The Cold

What is this nose

like a pink petaled rose

and the streaming eyes

looking like they’ve cried

The booming head

so sunk on the bed

fever chilled sweating

leaving all freating

How did this enter

my core, my center?

And then spread all around

on my sacred ground

Taking over with delight

good blood cells take flight

So miserable I lay low

till it decides to go

taking with it my pep

and slowing my step

Thanks to all the trees

donating tissues for my sneeze

One day I will recover

and won’t be such a bummer

Hopefully soon

next year…immune??






Honey, I’m Home!

Recently I was watching a video (a funny one) that was on one of the late night shows about how there are these Robots with AI that are being used for certain ‘relationships’ I won’t really get into here. I’m not sure if it was real or humor in response to all the out pouring of sexual harassment allegations that have hit the news lately. In any case, it was a moment’s pause where laughing was medicine in an otherwise very un-funny situation.

But the whole idea made me think. Having been a single woman for a very long time, I wondered about the concept of Robot companions–not at all in the way that this particular video mentioned, but maybe more like an R2D2 sort of way. Could this be a possibility for the future? Our own home companions or partners?

I mean, let’s face it: I’ve “been there, done that” and bought every possible T-shirt for trying to date and find the right person for me. Over the course of years I’ve been single (and I’ve actually lost count now of the years), and the stories I could tell about the weirdos I’ve come across on the websites would make hanging out with a machine seem like heaven. Humans are scary and/or boring.

Picture it: instead of pouring through 100’s of  old photos and fake profiles of humans, you could simply pick out which Robot best suits your needs; short, tall; human looking (creepy) or not; male voice, female voice; appendages or just lights. Then, you could have the AI programmed to whatever things you enjoy or are interested in–think of all the data that could go in there. No more dates with someone who is clueless! Ah the dinner discussions!

Honestly, I’m not so interested in much of an emotional attachment anymore, although some of these Robots you see in movies are pretty darn cute, way cuter than some of the people I’ve tried to date! It’s all about communication anyway at my age, or maybe even helping out around the place. So if you read a good book together, you could discuss it. Or maybe go to a movie together. There could be special all terrain Robots built for hiking too.

The possibilities are really endless here. Robots are filling in so many areas of our lives anyway, why not becoming part of our family? Yes, I understand there is a bit of a spooky part of it; the whole bit of them taking over the world, infiltrating our homes and getting smarter than we are (which isn’t a stretch really). Sure, this could certainly happen…

But before they do decide to take over, having a companion that’s smart, reliable, predictable, neat, sympatico and maybe even agreeable would be such a nice change. And maybe having one on your side might just be an advantage when push comes to shove and Robots gain power over us.

Because, if there are bad ones, then there will be good ones, and they will be the ones we shared our homes with and loved.

Something Fishy

Waving Stingray 

Passing by

New lipstick 

By in a blur 

Secret visitor

Flashy dresser

Bits of blue 

People accuse me of not being real but I take my time proving it.

Why hello….

Late for school 

Missed my flight 

Whoops wrong club

Feeling glum

Mixed neighborhood 

Police presence 

Every time I hit my head on the glass I swear I want to scream!

This tank ain’t big enough for all of us.

These are shots from our trip today to a little nature center. Cute place, good work educating the public and rehabilitating local wildlife. Fun times . 


Special find at the consignment shop. It didn’t look this nice when I bought it…it was very tarnished. But I just had a feeling.


It was pretty heavy. I thought that when I opened it, that it would be a make up compact with a mirror and powder.


But I was delighted to find two mirrors instead!

It shined up beautifully so I’m certain it’s silver.


Except I’m not sure what the center is made of….it almost looks like pewter. And those little stones? Well I guess it would be too much to hope that they are diamonds?


Especially since this little charmer only cost me a buck! I can dream can’t I?


Something that I have never shared with my blogging community is that I have a dollhouse and love miniatures.


I also love anything vintage: jewelry, clothing and even mini’s. So this weekend when I noticed a sign for a dollhouse exhibit and sale right near my apartment, I was thrilled.

No birds yet….

After my walk, I strolled back to find miniature heaven! But I was particularly drawn to one vendor that sold many obvious vintage ones!


My weak spot is fairies/angels and some special babies. These two are old and handmade. They were sweet and I love to think about who might have made them or held them in their hands.

Notice the Marilyn Monroe calendar?

My house has three floors and is chock full.  Every corner has some special thing hidden.

Original painting by Victor Adams.

The vendor even had a hand painted framed painting from a local artist. Her mother knew the man who had died some years ago and they both must have been elderly. Even the frame looks so much like a genuine one.

A set of scrubs and the cabinet is full of medical supplies.

I also found two tiny cups that reminded me of some that my great Aunt gave me many years ago. The mini’s are metal, not plastic.


Most people would probably think I’m nuts, but I love it. I have fun looking at it and pretending I’m a kid again.

A two seater out house!

I don’t live in my wonderful house anymore, so I can have my imagination run wild with my miniatures. Although I am running out of room…which may mean that someday I will be a multiple home owner!

The tool box is full of little tools.
The kitchen

All The Players

The one quite interesting thing being at a new job is laying low and observing all the new players. And goodness knows in this new place there are quite a few! Working now in the Surgical Department of a fairly busy hospital, we have some interesting personalities. Between the surgeons, nurses, scrub techs, transporters, Xray people, the Reps and all the other folks who make up the team–well it’s a non-stop crew around my desk. I’m a front end person now, having ‘retired’ from my paramedic position. I figured I’d take a nice relaxing job…well, no that didn’t really happen. But it’s quite fun now not being a central figure and being able to sit back and watch the kids in the sandbox.


We have many very high strung types given this is a high stress environment. Making sure all the cases are booked and the procedure all go off as scheduled can be a nightmare. People call out sick, then OR (operating room) teams are short, doctors are late, cases get cancelled–tempers can run short! And some folks aren’t good at being Zen–just sayin’!

There’s lots of loud, demanding types and everyone wants their stuff done now! They don’t care that phones are ringing and someone else is talking to you. It’s actually quite comical to experience. Some folks have a great sense of humor (thank goodness) and some are just grumpy. Some seem always even tempered and can handle it all and some run around talking as though everyone is deaf.


Some doctors act like I’m a human being, but many like I’m a bug on the wall……which is fine by me, because at my age I know we’re all the same when it comes to bodily functions (if you know what I mean!! )


But the best part of this production is that I’m a brand new player. No-one knows my script yet, hasn’t seen me in any performances and have not read any reviews from  my past shows. So I can be any character I want this time around. And the thing is: I learned from my last gig. It’s really good to sit back and just observe for a while. Get to know who’s who. This group is pretty transparent. I’m not going to make some of the lethal mistakes I made last time. It’s OK to be friendly, but not to be too involved. Don’t take part in the gossip (oh there’s plenty of that). Be kind, but not foolish. Say yes to things, but draw boundaries.


It’s time create this new me. Stay in my bubble. Let work be work–maybe find a friend eventually, but I will be careful and selective this time around. I have time to be the silent audience and not one of the players just yet. It far more amusing to just watch the production dance out around me and quietly laugh at the parts I find amusing….