Poem: Swallowed

Some people

enter our lives

to share some time

Laughs around a cafe meal

hikes on Goddess mountain trails

and quiet moments sitting near

Together dancing

sweetly in sync

characters stepping

upon the stage

Playing a part

with heart and words

till the performance

fades away

Then all that’s left

are props and scenes

covered with ancient dust

And those who played

a starring role

are swallowed

by velvet wings


Poem: The Meeting

It appeared

the way the morning sun flashes

through gathering clouds–


a burst of

unexpected radiance

The beauty of it


my soul

Its unforeseen appearance

bringing clarity

to the moment

But hopefully

lasting beyond

long after the day

folds into




Poem: Convergence

We meet upon the rubbled path

as comrades often do

weary travelers in a lonely place

not by chance the journey crossed

By the crackling fire

shared stories told resting long and slow

of future climbs and mountains high

and moonlit rivers flowing near

Our hearts have been separate

but souls have been in sync

recognizing kindred spirits

and distant hopeful dreams

With these bonding moments

promises are cast

someday in a future life

the trail may yet converge

A single road then

we shall walk

together side by side

To create a burning reality

from a bridge of given thoughts

that passed between

us two





Poem: For M This Winter


endless blue glared down

Cheeks brushed by Goddess

frozen fingers

rubbing rouge on Her

still legged puppets

as they whirl and shiver

in endless white

Incessant snot

stuffed in pockets

The offering

given up

to the chill and burr

of footsteps frozen


The sounds of tiny edifice

falling in

crashing together


And the tea

warming up the chill

melting the drops

of snow littered cold

that landed

and rode upon

this earthly form

Good Pals?

Can you please fit me in??

Mondays, I’m learning, are particularly nutty at work. Every doctor tries to add on surgeries that weren’t done over the weekend, so the case load is huge. They call every 10 minutes (it seems) to see if their operation made it to ‘the board’–the two huge screens that show the real time cases that will be done that day, along with the ‘add-ons’. It can be maddening to tell them over and over the same thing! Hello? Did you not hear what we said the last time??

But this is not what I’m here to write about… Actually, with all the madness, a very nice thing happened. A gal that passes through near my desk asked how my weekend was while she was checking on something. I told her it was OK, but that besides seeing my Mom, it’s pretty lonely here having left all my friends behind. She then asked where I lived with the intention of asking me to get together. Turns out we lived far apart, but I thought that was so nice. It was the first personal gesture at work!


Another personal moment was taking my car to have my neighbor fix it for me. Acutally he was supposed to fix it at home yesterday, but he went fishing and forgot! It’s fine, he’s young and needs his down time. But I just drove it to the dealership where he works and he put it up on a lift and fixed it there today himself. He’s not even a mechanic–but he did it as a favor. I thought it was pretty cool. This was a big worry to me here, finding a trustwothy place to take care of my car. I mean, it’s not like the small town I was living in before, so I was nervous someone would take me for a ride (so to speak). As luck had it, he and his Mom moved into the apartment next door. He’s helped me out a couple of times, but this time I paid him! Maybe he can by some more fishing tackle!!

So some connections are happening. No friends really–not like home. I’m not sure what you’d call them? But things are growing and it’s good. Each time things like this happen, another part of me eases up. And eventually that one good pal will come along!

I’m looking forward to that day!

We’re pals!




Raise The Bar

What is the fate of two particular people meeting each other? I’m sure we each can come up with some fantastic story of how some people you know first came together.

For instance, my Mother and step-dad, who were married many years-met on a plane. He was considerably older than she was, but apparently quite taken with her. In those years, my mom owned a very large wall paper business in one of the boroughs of Manhattan. She also had a very unusual last name, which she had shared with this man (my step-dad) on the plane. When they parted ways, he eventually called the store (which he remembered), got her secretary on the phone, but did not recall my mom’s name. As luck would have it the secretary was used to people mispronouncing her name and put her on the phone. Had she said there was no-one there by that name, they would not have gone on to have a long and happy marriage.

This is a happy story. You may have one. We call it fate. Maybe it’s the combination of a particular mixing of genes that makes one kid be the child of a famous rock star and another of a pauper. Sometimes we may search to make a particular connection and find that right person….and fail. The way that two people come together can happen in a variety of ways: sometimes actively, sometimes passively.

Sadly at times fate puts us in the path of the wrong person. We hear on the news all the time of kidnappings, random shootings and other awful atrocities. Why do those particular people cross paths?

There are those that may believe it’s divine intervention. Some may believe it’s coincidence. Others think there’s no such thing as coincidences at all–that everything happens for a reason. Why the bad things happen to good people, we may never understand.

Whatever you believe, we come in contact with others all the time. A best friend may appear almost by chance and stay with you for your whole life. Even casual friendships may be right around the corner wherever you may turn. These are the connections we want to draw to us.

Trying to be open to these contacts may be the key. Seeing the positive and putting out the good vibrations may bring a wonderful connection to us. Hoping for the best in people may not save us from the bad, but it raise the bar a tiny bit in those we meet.

The Value Of Friendship

Being an only child, my friend are everything to me. We all have different levels of friendships, from acquaintances to best buds. Some may be new budding relationships and some may go back years and years. But whatever they may be, our friends fill a gap that family can’t really fill. As a friend said, “You’re really stuck with your family and can’t get rid of them, but friends you get to pick.”

Happily, I’ve been so blessed over the years to have friends that have been like family (or maybe even better). Not having siblings, this has been vitally important to me. Having gone through ups and downs, and having been far from my Mother, my friends have pulled me through very tough times. I’ve gone through divorces, child-birth, illnesses, breakups, deaths, job changes, moves, marriages, graduations and a multitude of life changes that most people would share with family. I had my friends.

My friends have pulled me off the brink of depression and made me laugh so hard I thought I would wet myself. We all know those inside jokes that only the oldest and dearest friends understand–the rest think you are nuts when you relate the story. You share the good times, but they are there too to scoop you up when you make your stupid mistakes they told you not to do. And they don’t say: told you so. One friend once said: I know you AND I love you!

I’m getting to the age in life where I am losing friends to cancer–and this is so very painful. It slams mortality right in my face. These people have been my buoys, ¬†lighthouses and life vests…and now they are floating away. A part of me dies every time one of them dies. And I can do nothing to save them.

My Mom says you should be able to count your truly good friends on one hand. And that if you picked up the phone to them and said: start walking, they would hang up and start coming–no questions asked. I agree. I feel like my friends are concentric circles with the very dearest in the middle. That’s the smallest group and the circles get bigger and so do the friends in them. I cherish them all, and they may move in and out of the circles.

I honor loyalty and friendship highly. Not everyone does these days. It’s a throw away world in general, but making vital connections to others makes our web stronger. So work on the friendships you have every day and create new ones. You never know who might be your best new life long friend.

Poem: Just Live

Struggling, dying, dead

My friends in stages of engagement

With this cell creating creature

That one day visits

As you wash your breast

Or your stomach hurts

The Doctor calls back

And says see us in the morning

My friend with no hair

Or my other friend

With the wig

The same one she wore

In her coffin

And my other friend in hospice

Where no-one comes anymore

You don’t wake up

When I come to visit

The diapers…

They talk about Lance

What he did bad

But he did good too

I wonder about it

Will it be me next?

Do we all wonder

Like I do?

Where does it come from?

How does it start?

My friends were good.

They didn’t smoke

But it curled around them

Sank into them

Bit into them and took a bite

I want to be free

I want to hide

But I worry

And this makes it see me

It can grow strong from worry

I play hide and seek

But I stay hidden

Hope it doesn’t find me

Ignore too much

Play pretend

Keep my fingers crossed

Dot my T’s

Feel my breasts

Hope for the best

And just live….