Poem: Who Cares?

Look around

among the desks and papers

where crayons fall upon the floor

to see our little babies

asking for so much more

Look up at that building

where laws and  freedom rings

and see the crumbling institution

where instead ego blindness sings

Turn towards the forests

so rich with birds and trees

and hear the sounds of engines

while watching animals flee

Stand by the ocean

so vast and so blue

instead it’s filled with garbage

and the whales now say adieu

Stand across from a stranger

whose color is not yours

no longer love thy neighbor

instead we abhor

Watch those who love the same

in happiness and joy

and remember not equality

rather marriages to destroy

So in the end

who really cares?

because a critical time is coming

where witnesses must bare










Poem: Ego

As I lay waking

Shaking slumber from my sleeping brain

I thought about changing

How changing relationships involves really only

One thing


That big, bold, brazen self

We carry around with us

Sometimes like a shield

Sometimes like a sword

Sometimes like a rock to crawl under

The phone rings

A friend has lost a man

Because she did not want more

Just wanted to be a friend

To him

He walked and took his

Ego with him

Only humans carry it


Not the crow

Cawing atop the tree

For he is simply singing his story

Across the miles

Nor the wolf

Snarling sharp white incisors

Fiercely at foe

Never to harm, only to communicate

I am alpha

Or even turkey

Puffed and prodigious

Strutting, impressing to find a mate

But we lug our ego

And slam it against one another

We call it by other names




But what is it really?

When we let it go

What then do we have?

We can face each other


With no masks

No cloaks

Shed of all that hides us

We become real


And true

It’s a risky business

It’s an animal business

Innocent and inherited

Imagine facing one another

Without ego

The world

Without ego