As I sit here on my bed next to my buddy Pip, I know it will be one of my last nights with him. I’ve decided after speaking with the trainer at the humane society, that he needs to return there to be re-evaluated. Actually it was their suggestion, not mine. Last evening, when my three dogs came up to bed with me as they always do, my old dog (the beagle) lay down on his bed on the floor. My daughter, who lives with me now with her boyfriend, came in to talk to me. Pip, my puggle, attacked my beagle for no apparent reason. It was completely unprovoked as Brinkley was sleeping. This is not the first time, but it was particularly vicious. A huge fight ensued between them. Even blood was shed, not much, but still.

It was traumatic for all of us, including my poor third dog, who sat there shivering. I was pretty stunned after we were able to get them apart without getting injured ourselves. I managed to get the beagle downstairs to safety where he slept unhappily for the rest of the night. Honestly, I can’t trust Pip by himself, so he slept upstairs.

But the worst of it is, that he’s nipped at me a few times. His aggression has been mounting and this is what concerned the trainer. From the very first visit with my two dogs to the humane center, this pushy behavior was noticed. And this trainer said that the current three months I’ve had Pip is the ‘honeymoon’ phase where he has been testing the waters to see how far he can push. Last night he pushed the limits.

While I’m very sad, because he has some wonderfully endearing traits too, the house has been on edge. I lived alone before him and actually had the kids come live here because of him! His anxiety and inability to separate and potty train made it impossible for him to be alone for long periods of time. So now I have kids here and he won’t be here anyway! Sheesh. So I really tried hard to accommodate him. But I still feel guilty. I’ve only surrendered two other dogs, both for biting also, but it was after a few days.

My hope is that they can find a great home for him maybe with only him being the only dog. Maybe one or two people who will be home a lot. He needs an active home and lots of attention. I only hope I’m not sending him to a death sentence. That thought just puts me over the edge….. But it simply is not fair to my two other dogs who have lived here much longer. They are miserable. So buddy, I wish you well. I tried and I’m sorry. I truly hope you find your forever home.