Poem: Howl

Soft moon 

you sit quietly 

hanging upon my up turned face

trying to tell me 

speaking many years 

from your mighty vantage 

winking or watching full eyed 

then not bothering with me

at all

Who can blame you 

with that tug 

making me crazy

and lifting my howl 

begging you to answer 

Today you stand stoic 

while I dance beneath 

roundly piercing 

you make my feet glow 

Poem : Dance!


Through the portal
The changes stay the same
Selective slivers of silence
Cascade down through the sea of solitude


Every day the piling platitudes
Or ever repeating reports
Same thundering troops and devastating diseases
Human histories retold as though it’s a new story


Pass the word
Nothing new
Say it again
Someone was killed
Some new disease
Feast or famine
Walls and borders


Back to the bard
With new tales to weave
Shape us again carefree and light
Sing those lyrics from long ago


Hear the music
Feel the rhythm
Be with the company of creatures
And dance!