Poem: Changeling

Positive magnetic brightness

a gravitational force

changing energy

Scraping off the

layers and layers

of ingrown dirt

making way for the

bursting shine

Come into the circle

and expand

Drink in the effervescent dreams

Then walk upon

moss-covered fields

into the world of







Today is different for me than most. A day to reflect on the inhumane treatment of animals and the continual sacrifices they must make to feed humans. I hope someday it stops.

And the centuries old disrespect and disregard of Americas Native people. It is one of our truly disgraceful periods in history.

Sure, I have plenty to be thankful about–but on this particular day, I would rather reflect on these two topics since they tie into this ‘holiday’. It has been a hard day for me for many years; today I am saying so.

May the future bring more comfort and peace to lives of those we take for granted.



There are moments when time is on my mind…I mean BIG time, the passing of time, forward time and backward time. And I sit in this middle of this time contemplating it.

Often, while I am waiting for time to pass because it may appear to be dragging along, I suddenly snap awake and realize this is a foolish notion. The reality will be that the present will be gone and become the past so quickly, that I will end up wondering in those present moments why I wanted those moments to be over in the first place.

It’s quite clear now that once certain things are gone, they are gone. The moments cannot be replaced in a future moment. Yes, the future may hold some new contortion of the past, but not what we may have wished away or that time simply left behind.

Yet ‘being present’ is almost an impossibility as time is not static. It is forever slipping on before us. So while we may stand still in the this second, time doesn’t wait for us. This struck me then: if it keeps loyally moving forward, and appears to at break neck speed as I look back–that I should probably stop encouraging it even more.

Instead, it may be best to just settle into time and let it do its thing. Don’t fight it anymore, because it’s a losing battle anyway. If changing my perspective and understanding that it really is all relative anyway will help me through challenging times, then so be it.

Because as I look back on so many of these times in my life, I am simply amazed now how far in the past they are and how it all felt like just a blink of an eye.


Seeing people for who they really are, whether they are homeless or our closest friends/family, can often be challenging. As humans, we spend a lot of time trying to create comfort around us, and this may include internal comfort also. Living in a world where situations can bring us discomfort, our brain will do as much as it can to remove the ‘bad’ stuff; erase memories or twist pictures before our eyes into something we’d prefer to see.

Seeing the world around us without our rose-colored glasses can often be painful, on a personal and global level. It may reveal our own child as a drug addict or a fellow human as hungry, neither snapshot as something we want to see.

But both these things are truths before us and must be acknowledged. They are drastic cases of what we see when we choose to have our eyes truly open to people around us. How do these things make us feel about these people and how do we react in response? Afterall, it does not change the fact that they are both humans still…

What if what our eyes remain closed to simpler truths about someone else? Things that just make them who they are, but different from you and I? Have we truly listened and accepted what someone has told us about their feelings or needs? Or are we trying to change them to fit into our agenda?

It can be a challenge to accept someone just as they are; especially when they look or act differently. Each day the world seems to become less and less accepting and we drift farther apart from our shared humanity.

Respect and listening. If we felt heard and respected, no matter how minor the role we may play in this game called life, then we can feel here, human and a part of the whole.






Poem: Maybe Then

There are times when 

Taking off our skin


Burying face down 

Is what is called for

Even when the gravitational pull

Is extremely high 

The magnetic field 

That used to feel electric

Burns with poignant pain

I’m twisted for a reason 

This caricature of myself 

Wound around the former 

They talk too much 

And the me that is hearing

Is not the one that cares 

It is new

The sound loud 

And bouncing off the old echo 

It is a mirage 

Shimmering in the present 

But does not hold the truth 

I circle around myself to find it

And the nearby voices 

Push me closer 

But the answers lie deeper 

In the skeletal remains 

After gnawing it to the bone 

Leaving everything raw

Maybe then

I will know 

Poem: Chrysalis

The New Year spirals down

Like the blizzarding snow

Of last nights storm

And I sit in my room

Surrounded by my dogs

And contemplate

What fate will befall me

I think about last years trials

The hope for love

That so many times

Walked in and out of my life

And the fearful ride

Down and over an endless cliff

Only my seatbelt saving my soul

My weariness of work

Back and forth, back and forth

So many years, so much given

I face this New Year

As I do them all

With uncertainty

But hope, always hope

Can it change?

Will my sphere swirl joy?

Or does the world paint gloom?

Can I press my way towards bliss?

Stand dead in my tracks

Turn 180 around

And walk the other way

Towards a New Beginning


A weaving of new fabric

Shedding of my skin


The chrysalis emerges

Its time to fly!