Poem: In Session

Life is in session

she said to me

while her husband is laboring

to breathe

in some ICU

None of get out of this alive

Our neighbor upstairs

sure didn’t

He is gone


just like the person who hit him

when he crossed the street

The movers made more noise

than he did

when they hauled his

stuff away

And blew smoke

in my windows

reminding me

Life is in session



Poem: On Waking



a butterfly plucked

from flight by a

4-eyed entomologist

tacked and hung forever



askew and filled with lead

pumped dry from

sleepless climbs through endless starts

with dry breath and thick lips


swollen marbles unseeing

remembering lilting dreams


tears dried from cracked blinks


beneath fathoms of murky sea

bubbles squeezed nitrogen pop

as spiny creatures swim

too close


chipped down to pebbles

swallowed by a bird

it beating too fast

in her chest


to the slab

by the nightly joy ride

that crashed upside down

leaving the driver


with the seat belt

still on






What? It’s freaking Monday again?! How did that happen so fast? Every time we turn around another weekend is over, the fun and games done and it’s back to the grind. Yup, we came down this tree only to find the usual crazy traffic.


Everyone driving like a nut (or maybe wanting one). Speeding around and chasing each other trying to get to work!


Such aggressive behavior on the roads, and the nasty chattering and name calling! Sheesh.


Which way are they going for goodness sake? Where are they going?


Ahhhh! We’re not going anywhere. Monday really stinks. Maybe next week I will call in sick?

Photos: Speed



Today I woke up to the roar of car engines. It sounded like the Winston Cup race and that’s because it sort of was like it. Perfect conditions prevailed on my usually peaceful lake, and a large and noisy crowd had gathered. Speeding cars, yes cars, were zooming around on the frozen lake while an announcer blared out laps and excited fans cheered from the shore. They have been practicing for days, doing donuts and revving their engines. The sub-zero temps and light snow made this year for the perfect surface. Honestly, it’s not something I would want to wake up to hearing every weekend, but it’s part of what makes my little New England town home. So as my beagle howled his own thoughts about the intruders as we walked by, we didn’t let the noise and crowds deter us from a reprieve in the weather!