Poem: On Waking



a butterfly plucked

from flight by a

4-eyed entomologist

tacked and hung forever



askew and filled with lead

pumped dry from

sleepless climbs through endless starts

with dry breath and thick lips


swollen marbles unseeing

remembering lilting dreams


tears dried from cracked blinks


beneath fathoms of murky sea

bubbles squeezed nitrogen pop

as spiny creatures swim

too close


chipped down to pebbles

swallowed by a bird

it beating too fast

in her chest


to the slab

by the nightly joy ride

that crashed upside down

leaving the driver


with the seat belt

still on





Day Outside Part 2

Caught a few snaps of some lovely butterflies. They are so hard to capture as they flit about….

But every now and then one would stop on some wild flower and I would be almost quick enough to grab a shot. 

Or of the birds just hanging around and blending in. There wasn’t an over abundance or it was the wrong time of day, but a few were out.

The endless waterways and man-made areas next to them. Very redundant. I’m sure a docent could have explained the significance of it all.

Another beauty…

Amidst the Cyprus boardwalk. Eerie and lovely all at once. There was a prehistoric feeling and a pervasive quiet…

And here it is, follow it in if you dare to another time. Leave your worries behind and move with nature’s stillness. This is the gift we get from the outdoors, from nature and from our earth. Please don’t let anyone take these special places away from us!

Poem: Come Closer 

Come closer to me my love 

So I might feel your light 

That tender fluttering of my heart 

Come closer to me my sweet 

So that I might taste the tenderness of your touch 

In that delicate moment of communion 

Come closer to me my dearest 

For life is fragile and easily lost

So we must dance together while we can

You have come my darling 

In all your beauty 

And my soul is flying!