Poem: Free Will?


is maybe

a few rungs

short of happiness

But as the fire breath

of karma

singe neck hairs

It is quite an




Poem: In Session

Life is in session

she said to me

while her husband is laboring

to breathe

in some ICU

None of get out of this alive

Our neighbor upstairs

sure didn’t

He is gone


just like the person who hit him

when he crossed the street

The movers made more noise

than he did

when they hauled his

stuff away

And blew smoke

in my windows

reminding me

Life is in session


Poem: Upward

I transcend

breathing soft air

and ascend behind flashing eyelids

free now

from egos gravitational lure

Climbing over yesterdays clutter

a wraith rising

through the worldly walls

to wander upon higher plains


drifting in dark spirals of space

tiny bits of astral dust


away away

I shine and hover

as humming of the cosmos

levitates me till

the end of time


Poem: On Waking



a butterfly plucked

from flight by a

4-eyed entomologist

tacked and hung forever



askew and filled with lead

pumped dry from

sleepless climbs through endless starts

with dry breath and thick lips


swollen marbles unseeing

remembering lilting dreams


tears dried from cracked blinks


beneath fathoms of murky sea

bubbles squeezed nitrogen pop

as spiny creatures swim

too close


chipped down to pebbles

swallowed by a bird

it beating too fast

in her chest


to the slab

by the nightly joy ride

that crashed upside down

leaving the driver


with the seat belt

still on




Poem: Sweet Lies

How many blown out wishes

just climb onto the curling smoke

and float away

I have breathed hard into my dreams

forced my diaphragm to believe

that blowing would make it true

The melting wax proves my plight

but the cavity left empty by sweet lies

leaves me wondering

if any of them

ever came true


Getting There

yoga 1


So little by little I see progress with my yoga! It’s so subtle, but so amazing. Each time as I creep closer and closer to the floor or my toes as I do a forward bend I can’t believe how far I have come. As a 37 year running veteran, I could barely bend over when I first started all this some months ago. Of course I have such a long way to go. Looking at all the pictures, I long to do some of the poses I see. I’m doubtful I will ever move with such grace or fold in some of the postures I see! For now I am grateful that I am simply started to become flexible enough to just touch my toes and maybe someday touch my head to my knees! But I will keep trying and hoping. My breath will carry me to new places. Maybe I can loosen these tight and old muscles. There’s hope and will–so off I go tonight to try again and see if I can change things another fraction of an inch….