Poem: Lying Down

Once young

peeking to see

wispy seeds blow

close-up on

green tufts of hair

while frantic

insects buzz

in summers air

While watching

big blue windy white

marching puffy shapes

swim, float and fly

slowly by

Peering through finger blinds

sun shadow so cool

paints silhouettes

then splits its billow

making miniscule

circle spot dots

to dance blind before

shuttered thoughts

In pastures tiny forest

looking up

with loving eyes



Now old

graying curls tossed light

upon pillowed crib

Staring up

at cryptic crack

its hieroglyph speaking truth

of lost and boundless youth

Lying still

now here inside

blocked against wheat

and birds

the sky is covered

with plastered paint

spine pressed upon

the bed

But in the mind

the world is there

floating overhead










Poem: Clandestine

Rising again

lips drenched

from former kisses

the taste of dissipating sweet

arising to awareness

And filtering rays

lay like lovers

resting softly nearby

The visits

are now clandestine

quiet furtive touches

felt briefly–barely

and then are lost

Laying still

feeling lingering longing

layered on remembering

will it never leave

as the endless nights

continue on



Poem: Alone


is the silence of the room

each night

with the shadow light

and wearing

the blanket

like a shroud

to cover what’s gone


where memories scream

and eyelids darken

walking backwards

through regret


is hearing every sound

near and far

for the stillness

of it all


cousin once removed

from lonely

in a family

lathered with space





Poem: Sleep Sweet

I love to climb upon my bed and sleep

and place my head upon my pillow deep

My body caught in one place all night

while my crazy thoughts soar off in flight

It’s the place I leave my morbid doubts

and also the endless brain bending shouts

They’re left in a far away place

and are replaced with open space

The space is filled with trips and tales

anything goes that side of the veil

And oh the places that I do go

some I recognize, some I don’t know

But the ones where I have already been

I often end up visiting long dead kin

And passing back through clicks of time

can give moments of the lost sublime

Because mistakes passed by twice

this time can turn out quite nice

And now with the Autumn chill

snuggling under the covers deeper still

Living the the land of dreams

is sometimes better than life it seems

So let me sleep long and sweet

and all those I’ve ever loved this evening meet


Poem/Song: Moonbeam Bed

cemetary 6

Lie lie my darling

across the moon beam bed

while you toss among the nightmares

and the monsters in your head


In daylight hours the dreams

are hidden far away

We walk together tangled

the light will show the way


Lie lie my darling

across the moon beam bed

while you toss among the nightmares

and the monsters in your head


But as the dark veil grabs you

and fear pulls you down

I feel I cannot reach you

while you’re lost to midnight sounds


So lie lie my darling

across the moon beam bed

And fight your tortured dream world

kill the monsters in your head


Yes lie lie my darling

across the moon beam bed

For I will always be here

Singing away the dread


For I will always be here

Singing away the dread


Sleeping With Dogs


For many years now I’ve slept with dogs. And for many years before that I slept with men. Sometimes even I slept with men and dogs and I must say, the last was always a challenge. But I have to say that by and large I think as I creep closer and closer to ‘the golden years’, sleeping with dogs seems like ‘the cat’s meow’. For one, as you can see by the pictures, my dogs are little so they don’t take up lots of space on my bed. Compared to most of the men I’ve slept with…they always seemed to want a large portion of the bed–and covers I might add. Even though they would say they were too hot at night, they would still steal the covers from me and leave me freezing to death. Dogs on the other hand, have my back, snuggle up against me, keep me warm purposely and can very easily be moved if they are hogging blankets or bed.

While my dogs snore a tiny bit, they don’t snore nearly as obnoxiously as some men who have shared my bed. Nor do they have a need to wear CPAP. Or drink a beer before they go to sleep. Sometimes they do scratch a bit, but a poke usually stops it and it’s nothing compared the tossing and turning of a 200 pound male. And as long as I take them out before bedtime, their smells are usually acceptable compared to a man who may have eaten some horrendous meal that upset his belly, thus producing noxious fumes that he finds humorous to release.

And a dog will hopefully protect me with barks should an intruder enter the house long before any man.  Most guys I’ve been with sleep like the dead. You could drop the atomic bomb next to them and they wouldn’t wake up. But a dog, they are alerted to the least change in the house: fire alarms or noises. They say one of the best deterrents for intruders is a dog!

Then of course there is the simple love of the dog. The love they give that doesn’t have to be returned with much: some food, some exercise, some pats, some treats. And the best part: they don’t pester you all night for attention…and, um…other stuff.

So yes, I think I prefer the company of dogs in my bed now! Maybe I’m old, but so be it. So to all you that don’t sleep with dogs, you don’t know what you’re missing! Woof.