Poem: Weary

Some days I rest

my weary thoughts

upon the gentle sea

the blue green beauty 

 beckons with her waves 

and reaches out to me

I cast them far

into the depths

where they rock beneath the tide

it’s quiet below 

and dark with fish

that watch my troubles sink

they grab them in their mouths

and take them off to hide 

So now they are far below 

beneath the heavy waves

my sorrow and my shattered pain 

tossed in wind swept freedom 

and caught by Mother’s womb

to die within her grave 


Poem: I Am Still Here



Some days I am sinking

beneath the mist

drowning below my weary




under the weight

of my icy fears

that no-one else can see


I fly alone

you don’t hear me

you don’t see me

For I am the vision

of myself


Small lights

in the encroaching darkness

Save me

I lift my weary eyes

and look ahead


Another dawn approaches

dappled daylight crawls

I am still here


Last Day






Eight years ago I began a job in a fire department in a small New England town. Today was my last day. Oddly it  could very well be my last day as paramedic altogether. I have not decided yet, but it’s likely I might  try something different.

More like 20 years I’ve been in the emergency services. It’s been a long and interesting path, with many potholes along the way. But the road also took me down some beautiful roads where I learned to become someone I didn’t know was inside me.

I’ve met many strangers who became dear friends and had friends turn their backs on me. But helping to heal the sick is a blessing that I have been fortunate enough to experience.

So maybe this life guard will no longer be on duty. And the day now may be done on this career. But my patients and my service will always be deep in my heart.


Poems : Morning Moments

The end of the dock
Morning does rise so sweetly
I watch as day breaks


The night’s eye still looks
Watching red hue paint the day
Then moon sleeps again


Quietly it dawns
Gentle ripples lap and blush
Like a new lover


A different sun
Smile your happy face to us
And bring joy to all


Pink pail left behind
Captures sunrise tender rays
To spill rose beauty