Poem: Feline

You of fur and flicking tail

oh how your nine lives

saved mine

Despite moody moments

and shunning stares

Most days pass in

spots of sunlight

leaving bits of fuzz


You have done well

with your canine friends

(contrary to belief)

for we are, after all,


in the end

But the years pass

and you grow older


than I

This is both the curse

and what makes you

so precious

With humble thanks

I share this home

with your wild spirit

and grateful your magic


my heart




Poem: Madness Approaches

There is an otter swimming in the tub

and chimps that wear evening gloves

Sometimes a little gray mouse

playing  music with her beloved spouse

Or a drowsy dreamy sloth

sipping upside down chicken broth

And the sleepy lion laying near

is too lazy to really fear

While nearby drying with a towel

found in the bathroom is the owl

In every corner of these rooms

birds chat with Vidal Sassoon

On a chair tucked away in the back

some lumbering bear his toupee so black

Little creepy crawly insect things

with ancient writing on their wings

All these creatures just hanging plain as day

looking like they’re here to stay

Maybe it’s all not so bad

the outside world is just as mad






Last night I was visited by two Golden Unicorns. Interestingly I never knew that such a thing existed until I read about them the next day. They were agitated when I saw them, and surrounded by a glowing light, as though it was just after a storm and the sun was about to come out from  behind a cloud. I believe it was a male and female, but I’m not sure how I know this…I just did. And somehow, I was there to help them. They ran to and fro as I watched them.

They are drawn to gardens I read (but I did not know prior), and there was a woman too that I met. She was quirky and fey, in a greenhouse type structure, but outside too. This woman, with grayish hair, was moving plants from this large garden, from one pot to another. She was making more plants. I was hoping to apprentice with her.

It was a busy area, with many people, almost like a fair. I kept noticing people I knew from the past and present walking by me.

But the unicorns captured my attention. No-one else seemed to notice them. Maybe they were there for my eyes only. Their sighting brings me hope and delight. I know it means good things are in store for me. While it was a bit disturbing that they were upset, I hope I was there to help them too. And together we helped each other.

While I was meditating on their visit this morning, I recalled this piece of pottery that I found years and years ago. I’ve carried it around with me all this time…

Peace be with the Golden Unicorns…

Poem: Extinction 

The monster is here

In plain sight 

Silently slipping closer 

I watch with thudding fear

That malevolent eye staring at me

What have I done 

To bring this beast 

Baring down upon me?

My casual negligence 

Never facing the filth where it dwells

So now it can rise up

Take its breath 

And suck the souls 

In its wake

I may run

But it chases 

For it is an age old dance 

That one must lose 

Slyly moving 

There is no place to hide

It can wait forever 

So long it seems to disappear 

But this is the trap

Complacency created 

While hunger lurks close by 

Hunger drives the hunter

And we the hunted 

Will let the stink of fear 

Herd us to our ledge

Our shame

And our own mortality 

Someday maybe to


Poem : The Ways of Old


Holding both shadows
which creep across my muddy soul

And skittering dabs of dotted moments
which through a keyhole peep
fleeting flakes of fearsome longing


Moments land
Like grace so suddenly
From nowhere
To sit and itch upon one’s  weary brain


They break brilliant the beast
that burdens
Splintering the shackled self
To set forth


To search and seek
remind oneself there is more
The way The walk
We are not alone
If only we remember
The ways of old


Listening To The Heron



This morning when I was on my short walk as my alarm did not go off, I heard a great and wonderful noise. I looked up and was in time to catch my heron soaring overhead. I rarely hear the Great Blue…only see it standing majestically in the marshy area near my lake. It stands, rather prehistorically, and always alone very early in the mornings. I suspect it’s waiting to catch something. Although once I happened to see it take flight and land on the end of a dock, while another time I saw it crossing the road! That was a sight!

The book, “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews which gives insights about animal totems, talks about herons. And on this particular morning, since the heron called out to me, I decided to pull the book out and see what it said about this mysterious and solo bird.

There were a few particular points that jumped out at me at this juncture in my life.

“The long thin legs of the heron reflect that you don’t need great massive pillars to remain stable, but you must be able to stand on your own.” As many of my blogging followers know, I have taken up yoga recently. I’m not a big person by any means. I feel like the balance stance you may see a heron standing poised on one leg is much like the asanas in yoga I try to achieve. And of course, I am learning spiritually to stand on my own also, which the yoga is helping me with too.

“Heron do not seem to need a lot of people in their life, nor do they feel pressure to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ or be traditional in their life roles.’ As life rolls on for me, I seem to shed more and more people. Some purposely, some are leaving as they grow up and need to leave. But either way, my life becomes more and more solitary. This is really by choice and I find most have a hard time accepting this choice. Couples feel everyone is destined to be a couple and can’t understand why someone would want to be alone. But my life has basically been that way on some levels since birth. And it’s a path that feels comfortable. And I’ve certainly never been traditional!

Speaking about the Great Blue….”It reflects a need for those with this totem to follow their own innate wisdom and path of self-determination.” And now, this is exactly what I am doing. I have made huge changes recently. Inside and out. And apparently these changes are quite apparent to all that come in contact with me.

Of course the outward changes are obvious. For instance, I used to color my hair with henna. It was very bright red. And then I decided a few months ago, I didn’t want to do it anymore. I knew it was coming in gray. But I was tired of coloring it so frequently: the time, the effort–plus I just wanted to be ME. Many people begged me not to do, but I had ‘self determination’ and began the process.

It was pretty brutal!. For a while I was going through this awful stage of being partly red, partly gray. But I had many supporters cheering me on! Of course I also had guys at the fire department calling me names. But I was undaunted. So then a couple of weeks ago, I decided I had enough and went to a beauty shop and said: take the red off! And so, she chopped my hair very short!

My hair had been very long just 6 years ago, and reddish and straight. Then it got shorter, curlier (naturally), and very red! Now it’s totally short, gray and very wavy! Even my daughters didn’t recognize me! It was quite fun. I’ve had every reaction from people disliking it to people falling in love with me! Most are telling me I look younger now! This is a surprise given I’m SO gray.

But today I think my friend explained it all: he said, “Now we can see the real YOU. You’re no longer hidden behind all that fake red hair.” But I feel like it’s much more than that–I feel as though what people are also seeing is my inner light. It’s finally glowing bright. The yoga, the peace, the inner joy that I’m finally getting a handle on is starting to pierce its way through. Before I needed to light myself from the outside, now it comes from within!

So I take all the compliments and I take the heron’s greeting this morning and I keep them all in my heart. All these sounds are good and vibrate positively in my soul. I’ll continue to keep my ears open to see what else the Great Blue has to say to me in the future and continue to use the heron wisdom when I need it.