Poem : Possibilities 

The watermelon sky

Waking up upon a blueberry lake 

And dancing blackbirds 

Shouting greetings to the day

Rolling forward to tomorrow 

Uncovering whispers on the wind

Each moment brings 

Something new



Inspection today. Same guy as last time and we passed with flying colors! He loved the place in fact. He sees places all the time, prefers condos to houses, and said that this one was a winner. Joy!

New kitchen, bathroom, paint job, rugs, lighting and much newer air conditioning and hot water heater. 

It’s also slightly bigger and a two bedroom. I give up the lake view, but have a sweet little back room and a nice back area that I hope to make into a patio. 

So they still have to interview me, and I have an orientation and the closing of course, but unless they decided I’m some weirdo (which I hope no one that knows me will divulge), all should go smoothly. Hopefully I’ll be in there in a few weeks!

Home sweet home. 

Now the miserable chore of packing begins tomorrow. 

Chasing Butterflies

I’ve been watching lots of love stories and romantic comedies on Netflix lately. Maybe it’s because it’s spring and we have approached Beltane. Or maybe it’s something else?

Is love beyond grasp?

I’m no stranger to love or relationships having had my fair share of both. But I’ve been single for a very long time now. Living alone is a beautiful thing with peaceful moments, the ability to control one’s own life and no disagreements over mundane things. This lifestyle has been one of choice and one I have sunk into as though it was a big comfy bed waiting to give me a good night’s rest. Believe me, I needed it.

Single by choice!!

My marriages and relationships were all different, and while not awful, obviously didn’t meet my needs at the time. Nor did the subsequent relationships I tried (and tried) after. So finally, I threw in the cards and fell into the quiet solitude of a peaceful life.

Friends and family have tried to push me into relationships and insisted ‘the right one’ is just waiting around the corner. And all the movies I watch insist it must be so. These love stories show couples meeting in the most unlikely places and falling in love within minutes of meeting one another. It makes someone like me feel, well, rather inadequate.

Maybe I am some alien creature??

When I take a really close look at myself and my situation though, I know that these movies are purely fiction and real life does not happen like this at all. Look as one may, it is quite unlikely one will find someone so easily.

What do you find if you look closely??

Especially, I think, once such as me… Oh I know what you all must be thinking. But no, I really do not fit in the typical box in many respects. This goes for many aspects in my life and why I also have a limited circle of close friends too, often finding as people get to know me, they find me ‘too different’ to become near and dear.

Always the squiggle surrounded by smooth shapes….

Mind you, I embrace this about myself! This off-beat, quirky part of me–but when it comes to meeting your average partner, well, yeah, not so much. I say this to you all there in my blogging community, because there are times that I wonder if I want to go through my whole life without sharing the love that I know I have inside me. Can I do it? Absolutely. But would it ever be possible to find that companion to share this crazy ride? It might be interesting at some point.

Woo hoo….let’s celebrate together!!

Life is so random. Matching up with that other quirky/tolerant person is probably very unlikely. It’s like chasing butterflies hoping they will stop long enough to share their beauty with you. Ah and to feel the butterflies again….

I have these butterflies at least….

Will it ever be so….???


Chillin With Pals

On a relaxing Sunday it’s nice to to just hang out with the ones we love and feel most comfortable being around.


It doesn’t matter how bad our feet smell or if we are in their personal space, because hey, we are family. And family doesn’t care…most of the time.  We just hang out and dream our dreams together.

Or if we are lucky enough to have a neighborhood pal that we can share good smells and a few good barks too.


Some might mistake us for family, but we’re only friends. But sometimes friends can be just like family, being there for us when our family seem like they are from a different species  (and maybe they are). We love them anyway and our good friends too!


From this family to yours, we hope you all had a splendid weekend filled with friends, family and sparkling sunshine.