Poem: Self Portrait

crazy me

Incarcerated moments

exacting their pound of flesh

She became a softer version of herself

as though the artist had taken a cloth

and smoothed her pastel portrait Picasso edges

Until she was almost





A friend sent me this post card a week or so ago. She’s from where I moved a year ago, although that’s not where I met her.

I think it must remind her, as it certainly does me, of an amazing and beautiful mountain there. Supposedly the most climbed mountain in the world I heard. It was right near my home, and within sight of my walks.

There are no mountains where I live now, and while I used to complain bitterly as I ran or biked up any hill, now I honestly miss them.

The monotony of flat terrain may be something I never get used to I’m afraid. Mountains just inspire. They fill one’s heart with strength and power.

I climbed that mountain a few times, as well as smaller versions, many more. I helped to rescue injured hikers off and even jogged a few trails back in the day. And one time I even got so lost on one of the local mountains that they were ready to rescue me with dogs when I made my way off a road after running miles and hours off course!

Now I only fear getting stuck in traffic or hit by another car. Or struck by lightning in a crazy tropical storm. If I’m really unlucky, a hurricane may hit.

But nothing will be like me and the mountain… My wits against hers. That raw, majestic solitude–just beckoning me: come closer.


The Letter


Today I looked up to snap a photo of the sun through the trees. When I looked at it, this is what I saw. In taking it I had no idea that hidden was this heart surrounded by rainbows. It was the luck of the shoot.

I’ve always believed in signs. The decision to quit has given me anxiety on some levels. While I know it’s right, there are parts of it that are hard for me.

The love that I find in so many places and that I continue to grow for myself helps me during these transition times. Trying to keep in mind that moments are so very precious, and not to be wasted, I now move forward with my life more quickly than I used to when faced with hard choices. It all moves so fast now…

So I will harden myself for tomorrow’s chore,  hand in my letter and try very hard to have faith that everything will work out for the best.