Poem: Until


where my skin rubs against

the surrounding particles

of the long dead others

and also

silent trapped thoughts

running fingers down

my nakedness

They absorb

into my open pores

and seep into the recesses

those closed in spaces

in between the cells

and shackled together

by this fleshy scarred coat

It chills

and pulls taut

over bones and blood

stretched to breaking

by times passing

This living hull

scratched and worn


until the day

it joins

the earth




8 thoughts on “Poem: Until

  1. My absolute pleasure. I wish i could leave comments on everything I read, but sometimes it is imposible, but I do try. Thank you!!! for sharing your craft with all of us. Stay awesome and continue sharing your thoughts and ideas with all of us, for they are valuable.

  2. You do a great job for sure. I don’t have time to comment or read everything either. Some blogs keep my attention more than others I admit. Some of my more loyal followers I try harder with than others…xo

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