Poem: Which Light?

What started as hard

could be easy in the end

Life is a gamble

where not knowing is a friend


Looking back is simple

and seeing all the pain

but to only guess the future

and its crazy moving train


Hoping that it goes forward

towards fields of golden light

and the tracks that lay behind

are now distant out of sight


Yet still we step upon this ride

without a future sure

and surf the bumps and valleys

through tunnels insecure


Then to take this trip

and the curves that may befall

because the only other choice my friend

is to not be here at all…?


11 thoughts on “Poem: Which Light?

  1. So true! Life is a journey that takes us to places we can’t possibly see, some good and some bad. All we can see is our past, and we don’t even remember all of that. Great poem!

  2. Thanks Ann. Been thinking a lot about my life and my beginnings and been contemplating the paths of others too. Have been watching the series by chef and activist Anthony Bourdain which has given me pause. He was a very interesting person (or so it seems) as were so many creative souls like him that choose the path of suicide. I’ve had dark moments myself and have stood at the crossroads–one can’t judge which way a person might choose or understand the pain they are feeling where they are unable to see a future that is impossible to walk towards.

  3. I agree, we can’t judge others. I think all creative people understand the impulse towards suicide, and the only difference is that for some people it seems to be a very real option. I’m just sorry that far too many people choose that path.

  4. Ah, embracing that “not knowing” as a “friend” is so difficult, and some days it feels more impossible than others. Your verses have given me a lot to think about.

  5. I was just talking with a friend of mine about this very thing. Trying to live, breathe, and make the good choices are sometimes too hard. Every person our eyes fall upon has a story. Good, bad and everything in between. I am trying to learn to practice deeper compassion for myself and others. Great piece my friend.

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