Poem: Again?

Love again

in the way

a soaking rain

pours down so steady

and fills up

the thirsty soil

Not needy

but a necessary


of opportunities

where one without

the other

doesn’t make

quite as much



8 thoughts on “Poem: Again?

  1. What an interesting thought “a necessary combination of opportunities” is. The idea of love as a steady soaking rain is beautiful. We were at the wedding of my son’s best friend yesterday as I was once again reminded of love when it’s new and still fresh and virtually untested. It’s a magical place, the beginning. Sacred and filled with responsibility. Lovely piece my dear.

  2. One of our younger teachers came in today and she’s planning her wedding. It was cute and sweet. I’m not sure I ever felt that way, but then, I never had a traditional wedding either and always have been rather cynical. But just some nice love would be cool.

  3. I wonder if there is such a thing. Nice love. Does it all become so tainted with the passage of time?

  4. We can only ask ourselves this question. For some, maybe yes, others no I suspect. Maybe it’s all about perspective. I was thinking today that maybe my life began with great difficulty but will end up being easy? Who knows?

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