Poem/Song: My World Will Be OK

As I step outside

into the warmth and light

out of the dark and hollow

past pain and inner fights


From places unfamiliar

where I was forced to stay

moving now towards the future

My world will be OK


I’ve cried so many tears

and felt a crush of heartache

the roads have been rough

easy ones I did not take


It felt like I was a loner

on dark and private days

Yet I always saw a glimmer

that my world would be OK


With my past I drift

and some blinders that darken me

to set sail for a future

where tomorrow is eternity


So my world will be OK

I will find my way

pass the past

through today

and maybe someday

it will be OK


13 thoughts on “Poem/Song: My World Will Be OK

  1. This is the best way I know how to say it. Every time I read YOU I am reminded why I first liked you. That is about the best compliment I know to give, you are, you are you and I think you’re wonderful.

  2. Hello my friend. I am catching up with your beautiful posts and as always I am left with such wonder at your use of language. I can’t wait to talk to you. The fireflies are out and dancing. Magic is afoot……

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