Poem: Programmed

Going round and round

in the barrel


when you dump

me out

I still run

in circles

programmed to

endlessly follow

the pattern

set for me

when caged in the

garbage can

where I was



8 thoughts on “Poem: Programmed

  1. So you know I will always answer your questions honestly! This was around the work I’m doing as an adoptee and a memory I had when a little star nosed mole had been caught in a garbage can I had years ago. The poor thing was in there for so long and it had run in circles all night that when we set it free it just kept running in circles… It just struck me that sometimes we just get programmed a certain way and maybe can’t get unprogrammed even when someone tries to set us free…

  2. Please forgive my delayed reply – more life drama happening! What a powerful image that is, of the mole continuing to spin in circles even after it was free. You are so right that it is a metaphor for how many of us continue to live our lives. I am going to remember that image whenever I feel stuck or indecisive. Thanks!

  3. Never apologize for living life! I understand how stuff gets in the way…I hope it’s all ok. My life continues to simply putter on. My only drama has been hurting myself due to being careless! xo

  4. So years ago there was a large garbage pail and a small star-nosed mole had fallen into it. When I had gotten to the pail, the mole had been running around and around in the pail for a long time. When I dumped him out, he continued to run in circles in the snow as though he was programmed that was–it imprinted on his brain. This is where the poem originated from and took off from there….

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