Poem: The Unexpected

Walk slowly into the day

feet firmly planted

on the solid ground



of the other

Before the earth


and everything begins


at warp speed

into a completely




8 thoughts on “Poem: The Unexpected

  1. I feel it is already unrecognizable in so many ways. Changes come fast and furious these days….

  2. I feel in my life I’ve seen so many incidents where the life of someone is changed in a minute. It’s crazy really. We just never know. And now with all the gun violence, never mind what our bodies might do on their own….life is just so fragile.

  3. Right now my life is in an incredible state of confusion and flux. But I’m learning that this is how I was programmed due to my relinquishment as a toddler. I’m going through some real aha moments…not really sure how precious life is actually. But certainly agree it is fragile and how every decision we make may have unending, monumental and unforeseen consequences….

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