Poem: Anne

Just like every

teenage girl

hating her mother

adoring her father

(knock knock–run and hide)

confounded by her

changing body

as her clothing shrank

(keep quiet–voices down)

With her big voice

and own ideas

all alone and feeling


(thump thump–what was that?)

Just a girl

with a yellow star

who said what she felt

(Move that there!)

So the world would

live the truth

(Come with us!)



10 thoughts on “Poem: Anne

  1. I am re-reading The Diary of Anne Frank for a book gathering of women where we will be talking about this book. I work in a Charter School where they teach Hebrew so many of the folks who work there are Jewish. One of my friends in the school lived is Israel for most her life. While my adopted mother is Jewish, I have never affiliated myself with that religion, but I do understand a lot about it and feel great pangs about the holocaust (as well as any atrocity against another human), so this book is particularly poignant. Funny, but it seems now there is stuff in the news about Anne Frank…

  2. Thanks. I am re-reading the book for a reading group with some women. I work in a small Charter school that teaches Hebrew so many of the kids and employees are Jewish, though not all. A friend there put together a group to revisit this book. It has been quite fascinating to see it again as an older person. While my adopted mother is Jewish (and just about Anne’s age had she lived) I have never identified myself as Jewish. Yet I certainly feel the same pangs of horror from those times. There are still so many terrible injustices going on in the world today; it seems humans never learn. Yet there are beautiful people like young Anne who believed in hope….

  3. I own that book but I have never read it. Every time I start, for some reason I can continue. Have you been to the holocaust museum in DC? Heartbreaking.

  4. It’s a tough read for sure. But also amazing. Puts life into perspective. I actually think it’s what her life was meant for…to touch millions of people in that way instead. No, I’ve never been. Someday I will go. I work at a small Hebrew language charter school. They just did a DC trip and that was one of their stops….

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