Poem: Strength

Remember the power

of movement

Strong sinew

forward steps

Strength from unknown fathoms

long ago

Climbing mountains

and racing miles

The mind

made a warrior queen

who won the war of

crossing over

beyond the limit of

boundaries set

Pain had no meaning


So now


this arc of steel

bent from brain to body

Now this pillar once so


must summon back

the unseen force






7 thoughts on “Poem: Strength

  1. This speaks to me of younger days when I could indeed do all that was asked and then some. Crossing over to a new body and time I must make the climb gentler and longer now. A new chapter has started……

  2. As I am trying to cope with so many things and thinking of ‘mind over matter’, I recalled all the incredible physical things I accomplished so long ago where I had to push myself to unbelievable limits. I wonder why then it’s so hard to me to push myself to more mundane limits now??

  3. I find this poem very inspiring, especially as I just entered the last year of my 40s. I want my 50s to be my best years yet, to be in the best shape of my life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This poem, in my view, speaks to that.

  4. Thanks Kim! In retrospect, I would say so far my late 30’s early 40’s have been my best so far, but maybe eventually I will get in a space where I have some great ones again!

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