Poem: What If Karma Wins?

Even if meditating

in the perfect position

Jasmine blossom blowing by

a sweet silent prayer

Hands folded to that Higher Power

or knees bent

softly in bedside pew

Begging and apologizing

then carefully listening

for the silent reply

Giving up this to make up for that

promises and finger crosses

while sacrifice paves the pitted road

Yet it just seems to go one way

no matter where you stand

Is destiny the conductor

after all

and no choices ours to weave




14 thoughts on “Poem: What If Karma Wins?

  1. This is interesting because it reminds me of a revelation I recently had, which is this: We can pray, beg, hope, and wish for God (or a higher power, the universe, however we see it) to provide us guidance in making our choices, but I don’t think we’ll get it. I think God is just waiting for us to decide, and then will sweep in and support us in that decision, whatever it is. So we need to stop agonizing and get on with our decisions. Not sure why this poem made me think of that, but it did.

  2. And what I feel is that sometimes it is already decided. No matter what we try to do, the answer is set in stone for whatever reason: maybe in a past life we did something to create today’s outcome, or the ‘higher power’ has figured out the ending already or whatever. It certainly seems this way with my life now matter what I try sometimes, I am swimming against some current that won’t let me get where I’d like to be….

  3. This hits so close to home as I’m sure for most if really honest in different phases of life.
    Even deeper, contemplating the things that sometimes change and the stuff that seems fixed no matter what whether in circumstance or personal struggle, whether by prayer or not prayer. Terribly engaging and contemplative is grief, disappointment, confusion or sorrow. This poem nails it. I conclude for myself that recognizing, asking, acknowledging, prayer to God and staying in the quiet chaos are game changers, eventually. Hugs, good to see you.

  4. Thanks as always my dear. I’m honored from someone who writes such magnificent poetry. I haven’t been writing much lately as I’ve been uninspired…. don’t feel mine has been very catching lately, so I do appreciate such kind words. xo

  5. I feel the same way you do about feeling a lackluster with the writing process. Of course the remedy is doing something terribly risky in life. I have an itch to travel for a year, sell books by roadside, pop up a tent under giant redwoods… if only the car was paid off LOL

  6. That’s so funny you should say that…I have a plan brewing in my head too. Something very life changing, but I fear jumping off the ledge one more time. I am in the mustering stage, gathering information and contemplating the future. We shall support one another. Life is really beginning to feel WAY too short to me! xo

  7. Haha it’s crazy when someone understands the vibe. Curious as to what’s going on in your head.

  8. I think you have put into words one of the “big” questions. I think it is a mix of everything. Prayer, chance, luck, being in the right place, and of course the choices we make. A friend of mine e once said it would be great if she could wake up and God would have written the answers she needed on the bedroom wall. But then we wouldn’t have the adventure of process now would we? And maybe at the end of it all that’s what the whole journey is about????

  9. Surely if we knew we might not like the answers. But what I was trying to get at that at times it feels like no matter what we try to do it seems like the answers are already set in stone so it doesn’t matter. This can feel frustrating and hard. There are so many self help books that say we can change our realities. Sometimes I feel like this might be true, but sometimes not….

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