Poem: Redemption

A missing gem

among the living

never there to begin with

The universe figured out

the reality of the ending

before it even started

Then we figure out

how to plug the hole

that ended up

being left


12 thoughts on “Poem: Redemption

  1. It is a long and convoluted tale my dear from deep in my past. An unpleasant time that was churned up recently as I was speaking with my ex sister in law (and best friend) when she was retelling a story about her Mother (my ex Mom in law) and a grandmother pin she received long before she had grandkids, but ended up having the exact amount of grandkids she ended up with…. sort of.

  2. Funny how life works isn’t it? I love it when you weave your stories into poems. You do it so well and it’s not easy. I’m glad you are best friends with your ex sister in-law. It is good to have friends. You have one in me too my talented poetess xo

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words. I have always said that she is what came out of that marriage. My friendship with her, so it wasn’t a loss. I wish I wasn’t far away from her, and she is a motivation to move back north when my time here is done. I feel closer to her than almost anyone. I appreciate your friendship and your poetry too dear. You certainly draw from your life in a beautiful and often deep/painful way. I commend that. Sadly, I must write my words carefully because I have certain folks who read mine who may be hurt/offended by my words. Someday may come a time I can write more freely….xo

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