Poem: Billions

In a billion years

the sun will burn hot bright

Giant red star

from afar

A pinpoint light

yet earth so near

Its searing heat

shall render cinders

the planet blue

once so sweet

And waters now dry

long before life will flash

The living planet

will blacken and die

A star was born

and so is cursed

The question is

will man kill earth first







8 thoughts on “Poem: Billions

  1. Great question. We are on our way, aren’t we? I often wonder what will happen when water becomes an endangered resource. God help everyone then. Though in some places today, it is a precious resource.

  2. Do you remember the book “Dune”? There are some days I am suffocated by how much bad stuff we are doing. It makes me so unhappy that I can hardly function and I wonder how all the people I see seem so oblivious….

  3. It is indeed heartbreaking. Earth grief is addressed so well in The Wild Edge of Sorrow. It is so easy to move through life not paying attention to the cries of Mother earth. It is already too late for so many species that used to be here…..

  4. Sorry for the delayed reply. It’s so hard for me to make the time for blogging even though I love it so much. I have never read Dune, but I have heard of it and always wondered what it was about. Is it a futuristic society? Wasn’t Sting in the movie? I will definitely make the effort to read it.

  5. I don’t know the movie. I can’t recall the total details of the book since I read it so long ago. Can’t recall if it was in the future, but it’s definitely not now. But water is scarce…very, very scarce. We have to recycle our own fluids….very well done.

  6. It’s scary to think about not having enough water. There are places experiencing that right now. Being able to turn on a faucet and get it is a blessing.

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