Poem: Convergence

We meet upon the rubbled path

as comrades often do

weary travelers in a lonely place

not by chance the journey crossed

By the crackling fire

shared stories told resting long and slow

of future climbs and mountains high

and moonlit rivers flowing near

Our hearts have been separate

but souls have been in sync

recognizing kindred spirits

and distant hopeful dreams

With these bonding moments

promises are cast

someday in a future life

the trail may yet converge

A single road then

we shall walk

together side by side

To create a burning reality

from a bridge of given thoughts

that passed between

us two






10 thoughts on “Poem: Convergence

  1. Hello my friend. I know you have been very busy. I hope you have been well. I don’t post much these days… not much inspiration, but I am also working a bit these days at a small Charter school. It’s been a different and fun experience. Take care and nice to see you back. xo

  2. Well, I’m not an educator per say. I work as a lunch room monitor, which is totally frustrating. Ha ha. But I’ve been lucky enough to be an assistant in the kindergarten classes too, even though I’m not even remotely qualified. That has been way more rewarding than I could have imagined. Sure, there are parts that are tough. But I always think (like I do with difficult adults), there’s always a reason that a kid is having some issue and just try to send love their way. It’s great to have a place to send all this love I have inside me. Since I’m single and away from most my family…it seems a great option. 🙂

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