Poem: Patiently

I walk in power

my heels lit on fire

and silver curls sparkling

reflecting the full moon

in the eclipse of staring eyes

Quietly I cast my soulful spell

stirred in mystic hope

Desire floats and flits

and brushes up against the unsuspecting

who turn with sugared words

their hands moving sweetly so near

through fairy glamour

Yet this is not the happy ending

for magic knows its course

It will fly for eons hungry

seeking out the perfect story

Until that time comes present

I watch the starry night

with moon beam brilliance

and comet tail flight

for my magic to come home

So when it does

I shall be here

waiting patiently




6 thoughts on “Poem: Patiently

  1. Oh me too! I am one of the most impatient people ever. I’ve been trying to learn patience over the years. I read recently that 4 things were written on a ‘salver’ in the book “Winter’s Tale”: honesty, courage, sacrifice and patience. All qualities I am trying to embody. I thank you for the lovely way you speak about this poem, and yes, it what I was trying to say! At times, it does take magic to make it so….

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